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Oracle Servers - versatile performance and reliability

As a specialist for database and server technology, Oracle offers various software solutions and servers specially developed for professional enterprise application. In addition to the Exadata platform optimised for databases, this also includes the models of the SPARC series (Scalable Processor Architecture) with high performance at low energy consumption and various x86 servers that can meet the requirements of a wide range of workloads.
The systems support Oracle's extensive software portfolio and, through features such as RAC (Real Application Clusters), offer high availability and failover security for applications by allowing multiple servers to operate in a cluster. Support for proven security features also enables reliable data backup and recovery.


Oracle x86 Servers - scalable systems for your application

ORACLE X6-2 1U Rack ServerBased on the x86 architecture, Oracle servers offer an excellent price-performance ratio and high efficiency, as well as extensive expansion options to adapt the systems to the requirements of your workloads.

Depending on model generation and configuration, Oracle x86 servers feature multiple Intel Xeon processors available in a variety of performance levels to deliver the computing capability you need for a wide range of applications.

Memory-intensive workloads benefit from an extensive configuration with main memory. For this purpose, the servers feature a large amount of DIMM slots for memory modules, which can vary in memory standard, capacity and memory speed depending on the server generation.

Open ORACLE X6-2 1U Rack ServerTo provide the required storage space, Oracle servers offer versatile storage options. With various RAID controllers, which may differ in functionality and performance depending on the model and configuration, both HDD hard disks and SSD drives (Solid State Drive) can be managed. In addition to the connection of SATA and SAS drives, NVMe SSDs (Non-Volatile Memory Express), which are characterised by especially high speeds, are also supported with an appropriate hard disk backplane board.

For further adaptation to the planned area of application, the systems also offer expansion options through PCI Express slots. These slots can be used to install graphic cards and computing accelerators, for example, or network cards for integration into existing network environments. The support of transceivers often enables versatile connectivity for a wide range of IT infrastructures.



Refurbished Oracle Servers - tested and available at low prices - ServerShop24

When purchasing IT systems, it does not always have to be new hardware. Used and properly tested Oracle servers can often fully meet many requirements of your application and at the same time spare your IT budget through an excellent price-performance ratio. Therefore, used servers can be an ideal alternative to high-priced and frequently difficult to obtain new hardware. In addition, environmental protection is increasingly coming into focus; the reuse of high-performance second-hand hardware supports the sustainable use of globally limited raw material resources and therefore makes a valuable contribution.
We have been your competent partner for professionally refurbished used servers, storage solutions and network equipment since 2010. Due to the fast shipping from our extensive stock of pre-configured systems from well-known manufacturers, including HPE and DELL, you will receive your order with the shortest possible delivery times. In our online shop you will also find the right spare parts and components for your servers at affordable prices. If you have any questions about products and your order, our experienced and friendly support team will assist you. Contact us by e-mail, ticket system, live chat or phone - we will take care of your request!