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Server backplane boards - the basis for reliability and expandability

Some of the most important features of servers are their expandability to adapt to changing requirements and their high reliability and fail-safe operation. Backplane boards play a critical role in these areas. These boards allow easy integration of various hardware components as a central connection interface with multiple slots, eliminating the need for individual cable connections during component installation and enabling quick replacement. Specific backplane boards are available in various versions for a wide range of server models from well-known brands such as HPE, Dell, Lenovo and Fujitsu, and support common connection standards and transfer protocols to facilitate individual system configuration for the application area.

Hard disk backplane boards for optimised storage configuration and scalability

Hard drive backplanes are an essential part of servers to optimise the provision of storage resources. Typically connected to the system's RAID controller, their primary function is to integrate multiple hard disk drives into the server via a common interface. Depending on the model and generation, hard disk drive backplanes are available for the common SATA and SAS transfer standards, with newer systems also supporting the advanced and much faster NVMe SSDs.
Another important aspect is excellent scalability. Changes to the existing infrastructure can be made quickly by simply adding drives with the appropriate trays or replacing defective hard drives in the server chassis bays. As this can often be done hot-swap, servers can be adapted to increasing data requirements and storage needs while maintaining high availability.

Power supply backplane boards enable maximum availability through intelligent power distribution

Power supply backplanes are an important component of server power management. Reliable power is typically provided by multiple redundant power supplies to ensure the highest possible system availability. Power distribution boards are connected to the server's motherboard and allow multiple hot-plug power supply modules to be installed and replaced in the server's chassis slots during operation. This contributes significantly to high system availability as power is distributed to the available PSUs (power supply units), ensuring a reliable supply even in the event of a power supply failure. Depending on the form factor of a server, the possible number of power supplies can vary, but even slim 1U server models can often provide a high level of fail-safe operation with two redundant power supplies.

Refurbished backplanes for your servers at affordable prices - ServerShop24

As backplanes are essential components for reliable server operation and flexible provision of data storage, they belong to the most important spare parts for high availability of your systems. With used and carefully checked backplanes from our online shop, we offer you a low-cost alternative to new equipment, which can often fully meet your requirements. Our extensive range includes the right backplanes for many different server models from well-known brands, with fast delivery from our warehouse.
With over 10 years of experience, we are your reliable partner for professionally refurbished used servers, storage systems, workstations and network equipment. If you are looking for compatible components and spare parts for older server generations, we can also often supply the right parts, even if they are no longer available from the manufacturer. If you have any questions about our products or your order, our friendly and experienced support team will assist you. Use the many ways to contact us - we will take care of your request!