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19" Rack chassis - customisable and versatile

Do you want to adapt the hardware of your servers specifically and cost-consciously to the requirements of your company? Do you have an extensive stock of proven components that you would like to continue using? In these cases, rack chassis and barebones are the optimal basis and a cost-effective alternative to pre-configured solutions.

A barebone is basically an incompletely equipped system that usually consists only of the enclosure with the motherboard and one or more power supply units. Whether in the areas of database and intranet or as an application server, the server chassis in the standardised 19-inch format can be freely configured according to your performance requirements and seamlessly integrated into your existing IT infrastructure.

Entry-level to high-performance - 19" rack chassis for almost any application

Depending on the model and chipset used, you can equip your server case with components in a wide range of performance ranges exactly according to the requirements of your application. Powerful and often redundant power supply units ensure a stable power supply with a high level of reliability. The cooling of the installed hardware is usually taken care of by the fans pre-installed in the enclosure. However, it is often possible to retrofit additional chassis fans and consequently to operate even very powerful components within the recommended temperature ranges.

With the selection of the mainboard, you lay the foundation for your later system. The chipset and CPU socket determine which processors can be used. Here, the models of the various processor generations differ, among other things, in the number of cores and their maximum power consumption (TDP). In order to maintain a stable full clock frequency even under high load, powerful processors require adequate cooling. For this purpose, suitable CPU coolers are used depending on the socket and TDP. Thus, the heat generated can be transferred from the CPU to the heat sink and dissipated. The number of available RAM slots for equipping with main memory can vary depending on the motherboard. So depending on the planned memory expansion, in addition to the supported DDR memory standards, care should also be taken to ensure that there are enough slots for memory modules.

Mass storage and connectivity - 19" rack chassis with expansion potential

The versatile expansion options of a barebone are another important aspect. Depending on the model chosen, the available PCI Express (PCIe) slots for expansion cards vary in number and performance. For example, if hard disks are not to be connected via the 6G SATA controller mainly integrated on the mainboard, but via a 12G RAID controller with SAS interface, this can be done via such a PCIe expansion. The same applies to additional network cards if the integrated LAN ports do not offer the required transmission speed for integration into your network. Various mainboards are also equipped with an M.2 slot. This enables the use of particularly fast NVMe SSD memory (Non-Volatile Memory Express). Thanks to the extensive equipment options, you can determine the performance spectrum and versatility of your server yourself right from the start by selecting a suitable barebone and adapt it perfectly to existing structures.

Tested and delivered by ServerShop24 - Refurbished 19" rack chassis and barebones

As a cost-effective alternative to buying new, second hand server cases are easy on your budget without you having to sacrifice quality and reliability. In our online shop you will find professionally tested items from well-known manufacturers in various designs and the matching accessories. Fast shipping from our stock ensures short delivery times after purchase, so that you can promptly receive a replacement after a defect or expand your infrastructure. Our experienced team will advise you competently and in a friendly manner by telephone, e-mail, ticket system or live chat on all questions relating to your order.

Supermicro Barebone Servers - Intelligent Features with Additional Value

In addition to conventional servers and complete solutions, the US company Super Micro Computer also manufactures barebones. The motherboards from their own production often have special features in addition to the modern standards and specifications required today.

These include, for example, the AOM slots (Add-on Module). The manufacturer's mainboards can have other special slots in addition to the standardised PCIe slots for expansion cards. These are also connected via PCI Express, but only compatible expansions from the manufacturer with a particularly compact form factor can be used here. Among other things, RAID controllers and fast Ethernet modules are offered for optimal space utilisation in the case.

SuperDOM slots are another possible special feature of Supermicro's models and a variant of SATA DOM (Disk on Module). The modules, which are connected via SATA3 at up to 6 GB/s, have a capacity of up to 128 GB and are the ideal solution when it comes to bringing additional fast flash memory into the server in a space-saving manner. With their high read speeds, they are suitable, for example, as a boot drive, for recovery purposes or for storing images for installation. Thanks to their low power consumption, first-class performance and compact design, the SuperDOM modules can be used in a variety of ways.