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The 19" console - space-saving control centre in the server room

Servers are housed particularly efficiently in racks. Therefore, the focus should also be on the best possible use of space for on-site administration. This is where the Admin Console in standardised 19-inch format comes into play. Although this indispensable tool for administrators is known under different names, it always fulfils the same task - the management of several rack servers with as little input devices and screens as possible. With usually only one height unit (1U) of vertical space required and mounted rack rails, the compact combination of foldable TFT monitor, keyboard and touchpad can simply be pulled out of the server cabinet when needed.

Versatile switching with a 19" KVM console

For uncomplicated administration of several systems, a so-called KVM switch (keyboard-video-mouse) is used. This switch is mainly integrated on the back of the console, but a separate switch installed in the server rack can also be controlled. By switching between the signal inputs of the connected units, a rack that is often fully equipped can be operated with only one control unit. In addition to the usual USB and PS/2 ports, the range of connections of a typical rack console also includes various video interfaces. The classic VGA and DVI connections are frequently represented, but variants with HDMI and Displayport connections are also offered. Thus, depending on the model selection, integration into almost any infrastructure is possible.

What should be considered for a console's LCD monitor?

The quality of the built-in display is essential for pleasant working. It should provide a high refresh rate as well as good and even brightness values for an optimal display. Depending on the design of the LCD console, panels with a size of 17" or larger are usually used for the screen. Variants in 4:3 standard format as well as in 16:9 widescreen format are available. If you often work with several windows and applications open in parallel, the screen size and supported resolutions are decisive factors here. In this case, models with a 19-inch screen diagonal and a Full HD resolution at 60 Hz offer the optimal conditions for productive as well as comfortable work.

ServerShop24 - Refurbished 19" consoles with advantages for your budget and the environment

Due to its use on demand, a TFT console is largely not subject to permanent load and accordingly little wear and tear. Used models from our online shop often meet the same performance and reliability requirements as new products, but at a much lower price. In addition, the use of second-hand goods conserves the world's supplies of rare raw materials, which are needed for the production of LCD displays, for example. The aspect of sustainability is ever-present today and is becoming increasingly important. By buying used server hardware, you can contribute to an improved environmental balance. We are your experienced contact for high-quality used servers, network equipment and accessories. You benefit from our extensive range of products as well as from the fast order processing and the quick dispatch of the professionally checked items from our stock. If you have any questions about products, configuration options or your order, our friendly and competent team will be happy to take care of your request. Simply use our various contact options.

Complement and alternative to remote maintenance - reliable 19" consoles

Although remote management solutions such as iLO (Integrated Lights-Out) from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and iDRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) from the manufacturer DELL have become predominant for the administration of servers, the tried and tested admin desks have by no means become superfluous. If, for example, remote access cannot be enabled for security reasons when processing highly sensitive and critical data, the administration of the systems via an on-site KVM console offers a secure alternative. In this way, access to the servers is ensured at all times, even in the event of malfunctions or defects in the remote maintenance.