Remote controllers for efficient server management

Remote server administration is an essential tool in today's increasingly complex IT infrastructures. Remote management solutions provide access to server systems from any location for monitoring, configuration and troubleshooting. Whether in data centres or in fast-growing decentralised enterprise environments, efficient server management is critical to meeting essential data security, availability and reliability requirements. To achieve this, professional systems are equipped with remote controllers that establish a secure connection to the respective server via the network and, depending on the model, have a web-based user interface that is independent of the operating system or specific remote maintenance software for administration. Different manufacturers typically use proprietary solutions that are optimised for each system and enable reliable diagnosis and troubleshooting, even in critical situations.

With HPE ilO (integrated Lights-Out) and the corresponding management modules, Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers a comprehensive solution for remote management of ProLiant servers. Depending on the server generation and the requirements of the application, different versions are available, as well as standard and advanced variants, which differ in their range of functions.

Dell's PowerEdge servers also have effective remote options and their own controllers that provide comparable functionality with iDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller). Depending on the model and generation of the systems, there are different versions available, which can be extended with optional Express and Enterprise licences in addition to the basic version.

As remote administration is a key security factor for companies of all sizes, servers from other well-known manufacturers, such as Lenovo and Fujitsu, also have remote administration capabilities. As a result, remote controllers simplify the administration of a wide range of server infrastructures to maximise efficiency, minimise downtime and optimise resource utilisation.

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