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Controllers and accessories as replacement parts for older servers

The right replacement parts are critical to ensuring the reliable operation of older servers. For example, the failure of a RAID controller (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) means that the data stored on the hard drives can no longer be provided. The drive array can usually only be made available again with a compatible controller of the same type, which can cause critical problems with older and often rare controllers. These components also often support specific accessories such as cache modules and battery modules that protect against data loss in the event of a power failure. Therefore, when stocking compatible spare parts for older servers, it is important to consider not only the controllers themselves, but also all the other parts required for operation. This includes the backplane board for connecting the hard drives and, depending on the form factor of the server chassis, riser boards required to provide slots for installing the RAID controller. A sufficient supply of compatible replacement components is therefore essential for the smooth operation of older server models and for rapid repair in the event of failure. This contributes to both system reliability and a high level of data security.

Refurbished controllers and accessories for older servers at low prices in stock at ServerShop24

If controllers fail in older server systems, this can lead to critical situations, for example due to possible data loss. Compatible spare parts are often no longer available from the manufacturer, and specific models can be difficult to obtain. With used and carefully tested controllers and the appropriate accessories from our online shop, you have a cost-effective way of getting your servers back up and running quickly with the right spare parts. Our range includes RAID controllers as well as cache and battery modules for older servers, which can be used to restore the drive array.
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