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PCI-Express risers for flexible server expansion

Complex applications, such as large databases or artificial intelligence (AI), often have very specific requirements when it comes to server hardware. On the one hand, the space available in the server chassis is typically limited, depending on the model and form factor, and on the other hand, the capabilities of servers should be utilised as optimally as possible in efficient IT infrastructures. PCI-Express risers are available in a range of variants for professional server solutions from established manufacturers such as HPE, Dell, Lenovo and Fujitsu, enabling them to be adapted to specific applications.

The PCI-Express standard (PCIe: Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) enables the processor (CPU: Central Processing Unit) and the other components of the server to communicate and transfer data with high bandwidth using the interface's high-performance connection technology. A PCIe riser is essentially an expansion card that changes the position of the slots on the motherboard so that graphic cards, network cards or RAID controllers can be installed flexibly, even in slim server chassis. PCI-Express risers are available in a variety of versions, as systems often differ significantly in terms of chassis design and the arrangement of components and slots, depending on the manufacturer, model and generation of hardware.

PCI-Express riser cards allow versatile configurations for compact servers

Especially in very compact and slim 1U servers, it is often not possible to install expansion cards that provide the necessary graphics performance, connectivity or storage management vertical to the motherboard in the available PCI-Express slots. The use of a PCIe riser card typically changes the angle of the slot by 90 degrees, allowing various adapters to be integrated parallel to the motherboard. Both single-slot and multi-slot models are available, allowing for a variety of configuration options depending on system requirements.

PCIe riser cages - Advanced options for complex server setups

As server requirements increase, it is frequently necessary to install multiple expansion cards. In this case, PCIe Riser Cages are often an excellent option for providing servers with the required functionality. These are metal cages that are mounted in the server chassis and can accommodate riser cards. This makes it possible to organise and integrate multiple PCI Express cards in a single cage to expand the system. Since servers can typically hold multiple cages, depending on the model, and these are available in different variants for high-profile and low-profile adapters, individual server configurations can be achieved for a wide range of applications.

PCIe riser boards maximise the expansion potential of your servers

Compared to riser cards and cages, a PCIe riser board is typically a larger expansion board that can be installed in dedicated areas of large server chassis and wired to the system's motherboard. The result is a wide range of options for installing many expansion cards for optimal use of the server with high performance and connectivity due to the increased number of slots and ideal positioning. The different PCI-Express riser variants therefore play a key role in flexible and efficient expansion to match different infrastructures and applications.

Refurbished PCIe risers for many server models available at low prices - ServerShop24

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