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NVMe SSDs - high performance storage solutions for high demands

The NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) standard is currently the most advanced and fastest way to connect SSDs to IT systems. Compared to the older SATA (Serial AT Attachment) and SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) standards, the PCIe (PCI Express) connection achieves significantly higher data transfer rates. This makes NVMe SSDs particularly suitable for demanding applications such as virtualised environments or databases, which benefit from both the fast access speeds of the drives and the high transfer speeds of the interface.

NVMe SSDs can be used in a variety of form factors

When servers, storage systems and workstations support the NVMe protocol, the fast storage media can be used in a variety of form factors. For example, compatible workstations often have M.2 slots directly on the mainboard that can accommodate NVMe modules in a very compact format. SSD hard disks in the M.2 form factor are available in various lengths with a standardised width of 22 millimetres, as indicated by the numbers at the end of the designation.

  • M.2 2242 : Total length 42 mm
  • M.2 2260 : Total length 60 mm
  • M.2 2280 : Total length 80 mm
  • M.2 22110 : Total length 110 mm

As not all motherboards are compatible with the different drive dimensions, it is essential to check the supported model variants in advance to ensure a problem-free installation. In general, the more space available for memory chips on the carrier PCB, the more storage capacity can be provided. M.2 format NVMe SSDs are also often ideal for use in mobile devices such as notebooks due to their small footprint and ease of installation with no cabling required.
For systems that do not have M.2 slots on the motherboard despite NVMe support, adapter cards for installation in free PCIe slots or in the riser provide an alternative option for adding one or more M.2 slots, depending on the model. Ready-to-use Add-In PCIe cards are also available for easy expansion with high-performance NVMe storage.

NVMe SSD models with U.2 and U.3 connectors are designed specifically for use in servers and storage systems. Like the older standards, these allow the drives to be connected to a backplane board for high flexibility and scalability. Matching trays provide compatibility with many server models and simplify the quick addition and removal of drives in the drive cage. Tri-mode controllers are often used to manage data storage. These systems can support the SATA and SAS standards in addition to the NVMe protocol. This gives the flexibility to use a mix of different drive types, depending on the requirements of the application.

The maximum transfer speed of NVMe SSDs is determined by the generation of the PCI Express interface. Different generations of PCIe are basically compatible with each other, but the slowest connection in a system will limit the speed. It is possible to use a PCIe Gen4 drive in a server with PCIe Gen3 support, but it will not achieve its full performance.
Using the full x16 bandwidth of a PCIe slot, the third-generation standard can transfer up to 16GB/s, and the fourth-generation standard can double this speed to 32GB/s. However, because the number of PCI Express lanes available on a server is limited by the processor used, both Gen3 U.2 SSDs and Gen4 U.3 models are typically only connected via the backplane at x4 bandwidth. If the data transfer rate requirements are high, it may make sense to opt for a newer but comparatively more expensive PCIe Gen4 system due to the significantly higher performance.

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When the capacity and storage performance requirements of your IT environment increase, carefully tested used equipment is a sustainable and often optimal alternative to high-priced new hardware. Used NVMe SSD drives in various form factors offer high performance and at the same time protect your budget with an excellent price-performance ratio.
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