Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors - computing performance for older servers

The processor is the heart of a server. It executes instructions and operations, directly impacting the performance and efficiency of a system. The CPU (central processing unit) also manages the main memory and the expansion cards installed on the motherboard. Getting the right processor is therefore crucial, especially for older servers. Depending on the generation of the machine, there are specific requirements and restrictions due to different processor sockets, as only certain processor generations are compatible with the systems. Server models from well-known manufacturers such as HP and Dell are also often released in different versions based on either Intel or AMD platforms.

Depending on the performance class of a server, different processor sockets are used for models within the same generation of hardware. For example, tower servers typically support up to two CPUs, while high-performance rack servers support up to eight processors. Both Intel and AMD offer chips specifically designed for each category of use, but in many cases they cannot be installed in the same CPU socket due to the technical requirements.
In addition to the motherboard socket, the server's firmware is another key factor in determining which processors a system can support. The manufacturer's technical documentation usually contains detailed information on compatible CPUs. When looking for matching processors for older servers, this information is essential to ensure a trouble-free replacement and the necessary compatibility.

Older generation server processors as essential spare parts

The performance of a processor is affected by, among other things, the number of computing cores and the clock speed, whereas CPUs with a higher number of cores can handle more processes simultaneously. The fundamental chip technology defines the structure of the microarchitecture in nanometres. The more advanced and smaller the manufacturing process, the more transistors and units can be integrated on a chip. This increases computing performance and energy efficiency.

In these areas, older CPUs are often less efficient than the latest models. However, if spare parts are needed for older servers, or if these systems need to be upgraded to provide more computing performance, there is usually no alternative to continuing operation of older generation servers. As these processors are no longer manufactured, refurbished used CPUs are a cost effective way to get spare parts for older server systems.

Overview of older processor sockets for Intel Xeon CPUs

LGA (Land Grid Array) refers to the socket design and electrical contacts. These socket variants provide the contact surfaces that, when the processor is installed, establish the connection between the motherboard and the CPU via the attached pins on the underside.

Socket LGA 771

  • Server generation: HP ProLiant G5 and Dell PowerEdge 9th generation servers
  • CPU process technology: 65 and 45 nm
  • Supported memory: DDR2 RAM

Socket LGA 1366

  • Server generation: HP ProLiant G6 and Dell PowerEdge 10th generation servers
  • CPU process technology: 45 and 32 nm
  • Supported memory: DDR3 RAM

Socket LGA 1567 / LGA 1155 / LGA 1156

  • Server generation: HP ProLiant G7 and Dell PowerEdge 11th generation servers
  • CPU process technology: 45 and 32 nm
  • Supported memory: DDR3 RAM

LGA 1356

  • Server generation: HP ProLiant G8 and Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers
  • CPU process technology: 32 nm
  • Supported memory: DDR3 RAM

Overview of older processor sockets for AMD Opteron CPUs

As an alternative to Intel Xeon-based systems, several generations of servers are available with support for AMD Opteron processors. As these CPUs require their own sockets and are not compatible with Intel systems, specific motherboards are used. These are also LGA sockets, but with a different designation system that is not based on the number of pins.

Socket F

  • Server generation: HP ProLiant G5 and Dell PowerEdge 9th generation servers.
  • CPU manufacturing technology: 90, 65 and 45 nm
  • Supported memory: DDR2 RAM

Socket C32 / Socket G34

  • Server generation: HP ProLiant G7 and Dell PowerEdge 11th generation servers
  • CPU process technology: 45 and 32 nm
  • Supported memory: DDR3 RAM

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Finding the right processors to upgrade older servers or as spare parts after a failure can be difficult. CPUs from older chip generations that are no longer in production are becoming increasingly rare, even as used parts. If you need specific processor models that are compatible with older servers in a wide range of performance classes, you will find a selection of CPUs from Intel and AMD in our online shop. Used and carefully tested processors are a cost-effective way to upgrade your older servers with more computing performance or, in the event of a failure, to ensure their continued use with the appropriate spare part.
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