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Switches - Reliable connection elements for your network

To ensure fast and controlled data exchange in your network environment, you need powerful switches. These connect the various network segments, receive data packets and forward them correctly to the connected servers, clients and other network devices. Modern switches also contribute to increased network security through their extensive security functions and management options. Depending on the area of application, switches differ in their connectivity and performance.

Switches for every application environment

Switches with support for the Ethernet protocol for use in corporate networks and data centres usually operate at transmission speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s and, depending on the model, support the connection of up to 48 network devices. Grouping several switches in a 19" rack also allows flexible adaptation when expanding your network. With their excellent price-performance ratio, those switches are ideally suited for these environments.

The connection of large data storage devices in the SAN (Storage Area Network) area, on the other hand, requires significantly higher transmission rates. In this environment, high-performance switches are often used and, with the transmission of optical signals through fibre optic cables, enable almost loss-free data transmission of up to 100 Gbps. Those switches are highly specialised solutions for maximum performance due to the Fibre Channel standard.

For versatile expansion of connectivity, modern switches are often equipped with SFP ports. Transceivers can be added via these standardised slots if required in order to use both electrical and optical transmission technologies.

ServerShop24 - Your partner for second-hand switches and network equipment

If you want to expand your network infrastructure in a cost-conscious way, we recommend buying high-quality second-hand components. Switches are particularly durable devices and are hardly subject to mechanical or electrical wear during operation. This means you get first-class performance and reliability at a reasonable price. We have been your competent partner for used and tested servers, storage and network equipment from renowned manufacturers since 2010. Benefit from the large selection of high-quality refurbished products in our online shop and the fast shipping from our extensive stock. If you have any questions about products and your order, we will be happy to advise you. Use the various contact options - our experienced team will take care of your request.

Switch types - Management makes the difference

Switches are basically differentiated according to their management type. The type of management and the size of the network environment determine which switch is suitable for your area of application.

Managed switches offer extensive administration options and are suitable for use in large networks with high data volumes and many connected devices. Administration can be carried out by remote access, for example via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), and enables, among other things, detailed diagnosis and monitoring of the connections. Thus, secure operation of the network with optimal performance and reliability can be ensured and monitored from a central location.

Unmanaged switches, on the other hand, are more suitable for smaller network environments with moderate data traffic. The simple installation enables, for example, the short-term and uncomplicated connection of additional workstations in small offices or the expansion of an existing network in conference rooms. These affordable switches are an optimal solution for simple application areas and can also be used there without extensive management options.

Smart switches enable the management of basic functions via a web interface. They are often referred to as web smart switches and have a smaller range of functions for administration compared to managed switches. However, this makes them ideal for medium-sized networks and for use in smaller companies.

Switches with special features for special applications

If you need to implement reliable network connections under harsh environmental conditions and extreme temperatures, the use of industrial switches is recommended. With their sturdy construction, these are adapted to the special requirements in an industrial environment. Business-critical processes and applications can thus be carried out reliably and safely even in difficult environments.

Depending on the model, some switches have special features, such as support for PoE technology (Power over Ethernet). Here, the PoE switch is able to supply connected devices with power via the network cable. Power is usually supplied to the data line at a central point, so telephones or surveillance cameras, among others, can be operated without an additional power supply unit. However, due to the increased heat generation, the existing infrastructure must be capable of supporting this technology.

KVM Switches - Compact Control Units for Multiple Systems

Compared to network switches, the KVM switch (keyboard-video-mouse) fulfils a completely different task. It enables the administration of several servers without having to equip each of them with their own input devices and screens. The systems are connected to the inputs of the KVM switch. By switching between the different channels, the selected system is controlled and displayed via the peripheral devices and monitors that are also connected to the switch. Thus, KVM switches are important tools for space-saving and efficient management.

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