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The right spare parts for high server reliability and availability

Reliable, continuous server operation and high availability of data and applications are critical for businesses of all sizes. To ensure that downtime due to failure is kept to a minimum, the right spare parts are an important factor in addition to regular hardware maintenance. Although all major manufacturers of professional server solutions, such as HPE, Dell, Lenovo and Fujitsu, use high-quality, durable components in their systems, a certain amount of wear and tear in continuous operation, as well as failures of individual modules and components due to high loads, are often unavoidable. It is therefore advisable to keep a stock of essential spare parts for business-critical servers in order to be able to react as quickly as possible.

For example, battery modules that allow compatible storage controllers to complete outstanding writes in the event of a power failure are subject to some wear and tear over time due to the limited life of batteries. But data security for such events can be quickly restored with the appropriate spare parts.
When working on the server infrastructure, damage can also occur when equipment has to be moved to another cabinet or rack. If, for example, the front panel or rack ears are damaged in the process, chassis spare parts are usually available to enable the servers to be installed and operated without problems after replacement. Changes to the configuration may also require the purchase of special accessories. Blank covers and panels close unused bays in the server chassis when the number of drives is reduced due to the use of new, higher capacity hard disks.

Backplane boards enable fast replacement of defective components

To enable easy replacement of hard disks in the event of a failure, servers are typically equipped with model-specific hard disk backplane boards that connect to the system's RAID controller. They provide the connection to the individual drives, which can often be replaced during operation due to their simple installation in the corresponding bays of the server chassis, without having to connect separate cables for each drive.
In the event that a hard disk backplane itself fails due to a defect, the appropriate boards are usually available as spare parts for the various server models so that systems can be quickly brought back into operation. Similarly, it is often possible to upgrade equipment from different generations with backplane boards for the various standards SATA, SAS and NVMe to connect faster drives.

When it comes to providing reliable power to servers, power supply backplanes fulfil a similar role. Also known as power distribution boards, they often allow multiple redundant power supplies to be connected via simple plug-in connections. The cabling is done between the motherboard and the backplane. In this way, hot-swap power supplies can be plugged as modules into the appropriate slots in the server chassis and replaced in the event of a failure without shutting down the system. Since the chance of all the installed power supplies failing at the same time is very low, server systems can be maintained at high availability by quickly replacing individual defective modules.

PCI Express riser cards for flexible installation of expansion cards

Server requirements vary greatly depending on the application. In any case, the available space in the server chassis should be used as efficiently as possible. Since 19" server models in the 1U and 2U form factors in particular offer limited options for installing large PCI Express (PCIe) expansion cards, suitable riser cards and boards are available as accessories and spare parts, depending on the model. For example, instead of installing graphic cards directly in the slots on the mainboard, PCIe risers can be installed in the slots. These change the position of the slots so that powerful, high-profile graphics cards can often be used in full height and length even in a slim server chassis. In contrast, network cards and storage controllers are usually much more compact and require less space. Here, the use of riser cards often results in a higher number of slots to accommodate several smaller, low-profile expansion cards. This provides versatile options for adapting the performance and connectivity of server solutions to the individual requirements of many application areas.

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When purchasing spare parts for your servers, used and carefully checked products from our online shop are a cost-effective and often ideal alternative to new components. The required parts are often available directly from the manufacturer, but at significantly higher prices. In addition, the availability of the required hardware for older server generations may be limited and involve longer delivery times, which can be a critical problem in the event of urgent repairs. The use of fully functional used server components is a sustainable way to meet your demands quickly and cost-effectively.
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