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Workstations - high-end tools for reliable top performance

With a high-performance workstation, there are almost no limits to what you can do in technical, scientific and creative areas. Business workstations are indispensable wherever compute-intensive applications need to run reliably at a consistently high level of performance.

With these high-performance systems, you can create complex prototypes and assemblies in product design, for example, or use power-hungry applications for professional image and video editing in high resolutions in the media sector. Even photo-realistic 3D rendering, the calculation of complex simulations and extensive data analyses are often handled effortlessly by the professional systems. This is made possible, among other factors, by the use of high-quality and very powerful components that are usually only found in servers. In addition to several CPU sockets for the use of powerful multi-core server processors, the robust and durable mainboards of workstations often have extensive expansion potential through a large number of slots for fast main memory and various expansion cards. This allows you to adapt your workstation to the requirements of your field of application.

Components and features of workstations - performance through server hardware

To meet the particularly high demands of typical workstation applications, workstations are equipped with special hardware and intelligent features. The frequently modular tower cases allow easy access, for example for maintenance purposes or for the simple installation of upgrades. Despite the often very compact design, the necessary cooling of all components is ensured at all times, even when the workstation is fully equipped. Thanks to an optimal arrangement of inlets for fresh air supply and the use of air ducts, the generated air flow is guided efficiently and unhindered through the case. In this way, the installed hardware can be cooled with as little noise as possible, while reliably delivering its high performance.

The processor performance of your workstation is one of the decisive factors when dealing with demanding tasks. Therefore, the systems are often designed by the respective manufacturers to be equipped with high-performance server processors. With up to two processor sockets, almost any performance spectrum can be achieved. The proven multicore Xeon CPUs from the market leader Intel are widely used because of their excellent scalability. However, Intel's competitor AMD also has a range of powerful alternatives for high-end desktops (HEDT) and workstations with a high number of cores with its Ryzen Threadripper and Epyc processors.

Another crucial aspect to consider, depending on the application, is the workstation's achievable RAM. Some systems have up to 24 RAM slots and thus enable a main memory expansion in the terabyte range. Since the server CPUs often used can manage such large amounts of memory and usually support the use of ECC memory (Error Correcting Code), most workstations can therefore also benefit from the error correction procedure of the ECC RAM modules. This significantly reduces the risk of system crashes due to memory errors and memory-intensive applications can be run reliably.

Graphics performance and expansion potential - workstations with power reserves

Especially in the technology sector and in creative areas, very high graphics performance is often required. To meet these requirements, workstations are therefore predominantly equipped with professional graphics cards. The 3D accelerators used usually have ISV certification, i.e. they are approved for use with specialised software solutions and recommended by software providers. For particularly high performance requirements, it is also often possible to equip your workstation with several graphics cards of the same type in order to combine their graphics performance. Many models offer the necessary interfaces through a sufficient number of PCI Express slots and, with a well thought-out design, enough space to integrate additional GPUs.

The expansion potential of workstations naturally also extends to the drives. For processing and storing large amounts of data in the context of extensive projects, you need suitable hard disks or SSDs in sufficient numbers. For this purpose, you can mount several additional hard disks in various form factors in the drive bays of the workstation, depending on the case format. Furthermore, you have the option of integrating a RAID controller for an optimal organisation of the mass storage in order to increase the data transfer rate in the array or to reduce the risk of data loss through mirroring. In addition, many workstation mainboards also support the use of NVMe SSDs (Non-Volatile Memory Express) through M.2 slots, which are characterised by extremely high transfer speeds due to the PCI Express connection and flash memory. This gives you a wide range of options for flexible adaptation, expansion and management of your workstation's storage space to your usage at any time.

In order to guarantee the power supply of the numerous high-performance components and sufficient power reserves for upgrades, very potent power supply units with outputs of well over 1000 watts are often installed in high-end workstations. Especially the high-performance processors and graphics cards have an immense power requirement under maximum load in demanding applications, so a high-quality and appropriately dimensioned power supply unit is indispensable for the reliable and stable operation of the workstation under high load.

ServerShop24 - Your competent partner for refurbished workstations

Do you need high-quality, high-performance workstations for your company, but want to save on your budget? Then you are at the right address in our online shop. In our selection you will find used and carefully checked workstations from well-known manufacturers such as HP and Dell, which have been professionally refurbished and offer a comprehensive range of equipment. We also offer a large selection of suitable components to expand your systems and to adapt them flexibly to your application. We have been your reliable supplier for second-hand servers, storage and network equipment since 2010. Due to the fast processing of your order and prompt dispatch from our extensive stock, you benefit from the shortest possible delivery times. For expert advice, contact our experienced support team, we will be happy to answer your questions about products and your order by phone, email, live chat and via our ticket system. Contact us - we will take care of your request.

The advantages of second-hand workstations - affordable performance and sustainability

When purchasing professional workstations for your compute-intensive applications, you have a cost-effective and sustainable alternative in the form of professionally refurbished and tested second-hand hardware that can fully meet your requirements. Compared to new equipment, which is often very expensive, refurbished workstations offer further advantages in addition to an excellent price-performance ratio.

The components, which are designed for durability and reliability, are usually so powerful that they can often be used for many areas of application without any problems even after several years. Thanks to the diverse expansion options, a second-hand workstation can also often be further upgraded according to your requirements.
Thus, with a used and professionally refurbished workstation you get the required computing power for your application at a reasonable price. At the same time, you also conserve the world's increasingly scarce supplies of rare and valuable raw materials that are needed to manufacture new systems and hardware components. Second-hand workstations are therefore a recommendable option both economically and ecologically.