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HPE Synergy Systems - A flexibly scalable Blade Infrastructure

The HPE Synergy series systems represent universally deployable solutions that can be adapted to different requirements and flexibly expanded due to their modular design. The combination of computing performance, data storage, network units and administration elements for managing all resources forms a modern blade infrastructure for a wide range of workloads.

  • HPE Synergy Computing Modules

Synergy Compute Modules deliver the computing capacity required for the application area. They combine high performance Intel Xeon processors and memory in a compact blade form factor, and feature versatile expansion potential with multiple mezzanine slots. Optional HPE Smart Array storage controllers also offer various options for managing the internal hard drives, depending on the model and configuration.

  • HPE Synergy Storage Modules

Synergy storage modules provide up to 40 drive bays for SFF hard disks and offer support for SAS and SATA drives, providing a range of options for configuring storage to suit the application. The storage modules can be assigned to individual computing modules for efficient use, and the combination of several storage modules enables particularly high capacities for areas of application with high data volumes.

  • HPE Synergy Fabric Network Modules

The Synergy network modules enable optimised integration of the blade infrastructure into an existing network environment and, in addition to high transmission speeds, offer extensive options for managing network resources. For example, Fibre Channel modules connect Synergy systems to a storage area network (SAN), often saving rack space and reducing the amount of cabling required due to the integrated switching functions.

  • HPE Synergy Frame Enclosure

As the central enclosure of the Synergy infrastructure, the frame accommodates all modules and combines the resources. Depending on the requirements of the application, several compute modules and memory modules, as well as the units for the required network connection, can be integrated and managed in a space-saving manner. In addition to high-performance cooling for all installed modules, the Synergy Frame also contains the power supply, which is reliably guaranteed by high performance redundant power supply units. As requirements increase, several frames can be connected via frame-link modules, enabling flexible expansion of the infrastructure in fast-growing environments.

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