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Information about return and revocation

Is it a revocation?

Please note our cancellation policy, especially if it is a commercial order. In case of doubt, please contact us in advance by phone.

Is it a defect or an exchange?

Please include the serial numbers of the affected devices when you contact us. This will save you this query and speed up the process considerably.

Register returns quickly and easily yourself

Log in with your customer data in the My Account area and click on "Return item". You can then select the reason for return and the items you want to return. By the way, you can also log in via the status link in one of our emails up to 3 weeks after the purchase.

After a quick check, you will receive an email as soon as possible with return information and a return label, if applicable. Mostly on the same day!

Of course, you can also register a return by phone +49875286640400 or by e-mail to support@servershop24.de.

However, if possible, we ask that you use one of the first methods mentioned, as we give priority to these in order to be able to offer a consistently fast service to all customers.

Support number:

Email Support:


Note: Please note that the aforementioned methods are not a prerequisite for the effective

for the effective exercise of the right of withdrawal.