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The right accessories for safe processor replacement

There are many reasons for replacing processors in servers and workstations. In addition to the need to increase computing power by upgrading to more powerful CPUs (central processing unit), defects in the motherboard or the processor itself can also be the reason. As these are highly sensitive components, a careful approach and the right accessories are essential for a successful removal and installation.

The first step is to ensure a safe surface until the processor is installed in the socket. This can be achieved by using antistatic holders for the various CPUs, which vary in size depending on the manufacturer and socket generation. This not only protects the sensitive contacts from damage, but also reduces the risk of electrical damage due to static charge. To further minimise this risk, the working environment should also be equipped with antistatic mats for the work surface and floor when handling hardware components, and it is advisable to wear an antistatic wristband when carrying out this work.

To protect the sensitive contact surfaces and pins in the processor socket, motherboards are usually supplied with socket covers. The precisely manufactured plastic covers prevent damage during transport and storage of the boards. If a working motherboard is to be removed as part of an upgrade and stored as a spare part, it is important that these socket covers are reinstalled for safe storage.

Once a new processor has been correctly installed and aligned in the socket using the mounting bracket, it is essential that a suitable thermal paste is applied to the surface before the CPU heatsink is fitted. The function of the thermal paste is to compensate for any unevenness between the material surfaces of the processor and the heat sink above it, to ensure efficient heat transfer. In addition to thermal conductivity, the most important attribute of a good thermal compound is its long-term stability, so that the thin layer applied between the CPU and heatsink does not dry out and retains its thermal properties for a long time.

Refurbished processors and accessories delivered quickly for low prices - ServerShop24

Installing more capable processors can be a cost-effective and sustainable way to upgrade your servers to meet increasing demands, as you only need to replace individual components rather than entire systems. In our online shop, you will not only find used and carefully tested CPUs from Intel and AMD with an excellent price-performance ratio, but also a wide selection of the accessories required for installation.
Since 2010, we are your reliable partner for professionally refurbished used servers, storage systems, workstations and network equipment. In addition to pre-configured servers ready for immediate shipment, our extensive stock also includes the right spare parts for systems from well-known brands such as HPE, Dell, Lenovo and Fujitsu. Fast order processing and multiple shipping options mean short delivery times, so you can get the components you need on site quickly. If you have any questions about products and configurations, our friendly and experienced support team will assist you. Contact us - we will take care of your request!

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