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HP Z-Series Workstations - Professional systems for high demands

The HP (Hewlett Packard) Z series workstations are high-performance tools for professional users who demand reliability, expandability and computing power in a wide range of applications. The available models offer optimised solutions for technical, scientific and creative applications in different price and performance categories.

  • Construction & design in architecture and product development
  • Complex simulations in research laboratories and the financial sector
  • High-resolution video editing and 3D animation & graphics creation
  • Large scale data analysis in medicine and science
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applications

As hardware requirements continue to increase due to the evolution of professional software solutions, new generations of workstations support the latest standards for components such as processors, memory and expansion cards. With proven features, HP Z Series workstations can handle demanding workloads, and their compact tower chassis and quiet operation make them ideal for office and lab environments.
HP Z6 G4 Workstation front view chassis







Performance: HP Z Workstations can be equipped with Intel Xeon CPUs and NVIDIA Quadro/RTX or AMD Radeon Pro graphic cards to provide the computing and graphics performance needed for demanding applications.

Reliability: HP Z Workstations offer high reliability and stability, even under heavy load, with efficient cooling of high-quality components and support for ECC (error correcting code) memory.

Expandability: HP Z Workstations feature a wide range of expansion options via PCIe (PCI Express) slots, allowing systems to be customised with network cards and controllers to meet the requirements of the existing IT infrastructure and network environment.

Certification: HP Z Workstations are certified for use with professional applications from many well-known vendors, ensuring maximum compatibility for the smooth operation of demanding software solutions and different operating systems.
HP Z6 G4 open chassis





Overview of the HP Z Series

The HP Z8 and Z6 workstations are the most versatile models in the HP Z series, with different generations and configurations to suit a wide range of professional users with high demands. The systems are available in a range of performance classes and price points, allowing you to get the computing power you need, at the right price.

HP Z8 Series: The most powerful models in the Z series are designed to meet the needs of demanding applications in complex environments with massive computing power and scalability. With two processor sockets that can accommodate Intel Xeon CPUs of different chip generations depending on the device generation, compute-intensive workloads benefit from a high number of cores for optimal application performance. Combined with high-performance graphic cards, there are virtually no limits to what the Z8 can do.
HP Z8 G4 Workstation front view









HP Z6 Series: With an efficient balance of performance and price, these models are also suitable for many professional applications, but are significantly less expensive to buy. As these are single socket systems, CPU performance is more limited than on the Z8. However, in terms of reliability and expandability, the Z6 models are of a comparable standard.
HP Z6 G4 Workstation front view







Buy refurbished HP Z-series workstations at affordable prices - ServerShop24

With used and carefully tested HP Z workstations from our online shop, you often have an ideal and sustainable alternative to expensive new hardware. The reliable systems in different performance classes can often meet many requirements and save your IT budget with an excellent price-performance ratio. At the same time, the environment benefits from the reuse of refurbished workstations, as it makes an important contribution to the sustainable use of natural resources.
We are your reliable partner for professionally refurbished used servers, workstations, storage systems and network equipment since 2010. You will find a large selection of used devices from well-known manufacturers in our range, which you can order pre-configured or customised to your individual requirements. Fast shipping from our extensive stock enables short delivery times so that you can receive urgently needed devices, spare parts and components without long waiting times. Our friendly and experienced support team will assist you with any questions about products, configuration options and your order. Contact us - we will take care of your request!

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