Adapter cards

Adapter cards for expansion and as spare parts for your older servers

When server components based on older hardware standards, such as adapters and expansion cards, are no longer available as new products, this can cause critical problems when operating legacy servers. For example, if a network card fails, the server cannot connect to the network environment and important data is no longer available. Older generation servers often feature expansion slots based on outdated standards such as PCI-X (Peripheral Component Interconnect eXtended), which can only accommodate specific adapter cards. As a result, it is essential to have the right spare parts in stock for quick replacement in the event of a defect.

As the successor to the PCI standard (Peripheral Component Interconnect), PCI-X offers higher bandwidth and transfer speeds within the system and, depending on the generation of the slot, backward compatibility with PCI cards may be possible. However, this is not recommended due to the expected loss in performance. The modern successor standard known as PCIe (PCI Express) is significantly more capable, but is only compatible with the corresponding PCIe slots.

If older generations of servers are to continue to be used, the appropriate standard adapter cards are critical components. Only with the right replacement parts can the best performance be achieved within the technical capabilities of the systems.

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The failure of older servers due to the defect of important components can cause serious problems if no suitable spare parts are available for quick replacement. Used and carefully tested adapter cards from our online shop offer you a cost-effective way to quickly restore the availability of server systems by repairing them. Our range includes older standard network cards that can be used to provide the required connectivity.
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