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Power supplies - stable power for your systems

A reliable and sufficient power supply for your server systems is one of the most important factors for stable continuous operation. Therefore, the use of high-quality power supply units adapted to the power requirements is crucial. Basically, it is important to note that the power supply unit (PSU) must cover the power requirements of all installed components under maximum load, but should not itself be fully loaded. An insufficiently dimensioned power supply can lead to failures and instability of the system, and the efficiency of a power supply unit is also reduced under full load.

Failure safety through redundant power supply units

To ensure increased reliability, the power supply in the server sector is usually designed redundantly. For this purpose, several power supply units are installed in parallel, ensuring a constant supply even in the event of a defect. Each of the power supply units used is able to cover the demand of the entire system and a server failure can usually be prevented.

For maximum redundancy, it is also possible to feed the power supply units from different power sources. For example, you can couple one of the power supply units to a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and connect another to the regular supply network. This can ensure smooth operation both in the event of a mains failure and if the UPS is defective.

However, concerns about increased power consumption due to redundant power supply units are unfounded. Because of the parallel connection there is an even load distribution, whereby the power consumption increases only insignificantly compared to a single power supply unit.

ServerShop24 - Refurbished power supplies for reliable server operation

In case of a power supply unit defect, a replacement should be procured as quickly as possible in order to maintain the redundancy of the power supply. Here the purchase of used and tested power supply units offers itself, because you receive thereby the failure security of your systems at a reasonable price. We are your experienced contact for high-quality second-hand hardware in the segments of servers, storage and network equipment, and you will find a large selection of tested brand-name power supply units in our online shop. Our extensive stock and the fast processing of your order ensure short delivery times, so you can replace your defective power supply unit promptly. We are happy to advise you on all questions regarding products and your order - please contact our competent support team.

The selection of appropriate power supply units - What should I bear in mind?

Depending on the configuration, the power requirements of servers vary considerably, which is why power supply units are available in various power ranges up to 2000 watts and sometimes even beyond. Most power supplies reach their highest efficiency at a load of approx. 50 %.

For the optimal dimensioning of a power supply unit, it is therefore first important to know the consumption of your system. If the installed components require a total of 800 watts, for example, it is advisable to use a power supply unit with a possible maximum output of at least 1600 watts. On the one hand, this can absorb short-term power peaks, and on the other hand, there is a power reserve for future expansion of the server with additional components without having to replace the power supply units.

Furthermore, power supply units differ in their connection to the mains depending on the area of application. Cold appliance plugs (C13 / C14) with a permissible current flow of up to 10 A are predominantly used here as standard. However, for certain applications with higher currents, such as in the blade server sector, the somewhat larger plug variant (C19 / C20) for up to 16 A is often used.

Hot-swap power supply units - Reliability through fast replacement

A quick reaction can be decisive when it comes to restoring redundancy after a power supply failure. Many server power supply units are hot-swappable for this purpose. This means they can be replaced without interrupting the operation of the server. The defective power supply module is pulled out of the slot in the server chassis and replaced with an appropriate spare part. The contact to the mainboard is made via a power distribution board, to which all components of the server are connected for power supply. This ensures the necessary fail-safety without disrupting the server's operation during the repair.

Seal of approval for efficiency - power supply units with 80-PLUS certification

The 80-PLUS certification with its various gradations is a proven benchmark for assessing the efficiency of power supplies. The certification requires an efficiency of at least 80 % under various loads (20 % / 50 % / 100 %) of the power supply. Due to frequent use, the 50 % load range has the greatest relevance for practical use. With increasing certification, the requirements for efficiency increase to over 90 %. With 80-PLUS Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium, a distinction is made between five possible levels of certification.