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Dell PowerEdge M-Series Blade Servers - Scalable, compact and efficient

Dell PowerEdge M-Series systems are efficient solutions for data centre and complex infrastructure deployments across a wide range of applications. These include virtualisation, database, cloud and high performance computing (HPC). Multiple configuration options and a modular design provide the flexibility to scale computing performance to meet a wide range of requirements.

The heart of the PowerEdge M series is the blade enclosure. Depending on the model generation and configuration, up to 16 server modules, each with up to two powerful processors and plenty of memory, can be installed in a space-saving way for high performance density. With the ability to easily add and remove blade servers, the Dell PowerEdge M-Series is often the ideal platform for environments with frequently changing requirements. On the back of the blade enclosure are additional bays that can accommodate a variety of modules in addition to the server's power supply units and cooling. Switches, for example, allow the connectivity to be adapted to the existing network environment, while management modules simplify the administration of the installed blade servers. For example, a KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) module can be used to access each individual server on site and control the systems using just one mouse, keyboard and screen. The KVM switch connects the servers to peripherals as required. For remote administration, CMC (Chassis Management Controller) modules can be used to establish a connection via the management system.

The different model designations within the Dell PowerEdge M series

Blade server designations follow Dell's established server naming scheme. For example, compute modules for the PowerEdge M1000e enclosure are identified by the letter 'M' followed by a three-digit number to identify the model series, performance class and generation. However, please note that server modules may have additional designations depending on the module type and compatible enclosure. Models designed for the PowerEdge MX7000 enclosure are identified by the letters 'MX' followed by a three- or four-digit number, followed by an additional letter at the end of the model name. Compute blades are identified by a 'c', storage blades by an 's' and I/O modules by an 'n'.

High performance density and improved server management with the Dell PowerEdge M-Series

Because the blade enclosures support rack-mount installation, Dell PowerEdge M-Series blade servers offer several advantages over traditional rack-mount servers. The highly compact, modular design reduces wiring and maintenance requirements, increases flexibility and enables energy-efficient delivery of high computing performance with a small footprint and low total cost of ownership. The combined use of multiple enclosures also allows performance density to be further increased with a variety of server modules that can be managed from a centralised management system and optimised for almost any application.

ServerShop24 - Refurbished and tested Dell PowerEdge M-Series Blade Servers in stock for immediate shipping

The efficient expansion of computing capacity is a key factor in complex IT infrastructures. When server solutions need to be as flexible as possible to meet changing requirements, the use of refurbished and carefully tested PowerEdge blade systems is a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to high-priced new hardware. The servers offer excellent value for money, meeting a wide range of application requirements, and reuse helps conserve the world's increasingly scarce natural resources. Since 2010, we have been your reliable partner for professionally refurbished used servers, storage systems and network equipment. Thanks to fast shipping from our extensive range of used hardware from renowned manufacturers such as Dell, HPE, Lenovo and Fujitsu, you will receive your order in the shortest possible time. If you need any further assistance with our products or configuration options, our experienced and friendly support team is here to help. Use the different ways to contact us and we will take care of your request!