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Chassis spare parts for the reliable and secure operation of your servers

High availability of data and applications is essential for businesses and organisations. To achieve this, the server hardware used should be regularly maintained. It is not only the internal components that need to be checked, but also the server chassis. Whether it is a rack server or a tower model, the chassis of the device not only provides space for the installation of the components required to deliver computing power and storage capacity, but also supports efficient resource utilisation and secure operation. Damage to the server chassis can lead to a variety of problems, including overheating and damage due to unstable mounting elements. For professional server systems of different generations from renowned manufacturers such as HPE, Dell, Lenovo and Fujitsu, the range of spare parts includes not only electrical components but also chassis parts to ensure that the IT infrastructure is always in optimal condition.

Front bezels - protection and security for rack and tower servers

Model-specific front bezels not only enhance the professional appearance of servers, but also protect sensitive devices. Filters in the front bezel can prevent dust and particles from entering the server chassis, avoiding performance degradation due to pollution of chassis fans and CPU-heatsinks. In addition, front bezels, which can often be locked, allow controlled access to the server's hard disks and optical drives, providing a level of protection against unauthorised access. If a front bezel becomes ineffective due to damage caused by working on the server infrastructure, the protection and security of the server can be easily restored by replacing it with a suitable spare part.

Rack ears provide stable mounting in the server rack

Rack servers are typically installed using 19" rack rails, which guide the server chassis into the server cabinet and provide access to the server when required. To secure the server, the chassis has lateral rack brackets, often referred to as rack ears, which provide a stable installation. Depending on the server model, USB ports, status LEDs or the power button for the server are integrated here. Although covers are often available to protect the rack ears, the parts can be damaged when a server is installed or removed. To avoid potential instability in the rack, defective rack ears should be replaced with appropriate spare parts for the specific server model.

Air baffles support efficient cooling for consistent server performance

To deliver consistently high computing performance under load, server systems require reliable and efficient cooling. As servers typically use a semi-passive cooling concept, model-specific air baffles are often used in the chassis to optimise cooling performance. The shape of these covers allows the airflow from the chassis fans to be directed over the heat sinks of the processors and graphic cards, transferring the resulting heat out of the server chassis and maintaining the ideal operating temperature of the hardware. This eliminates the need for separate fans for each component, as is the case with active cooling in conventional PCs. In addition, areas of the chassis such as memory, RAID controllers and network cards often benefit from the shape of the air baffles as they can be targeted for cooling. If a server's airflow is compromised due to damage to the air baffles or mounting points, this can result in reduced computing performance or, in the worst case, damage due to overheating. It is therefore advisable to stock suitable spare parts for high performance servers in order to be able to intervene quickly in the event of a defect.

Refurbished chassis spare parts available in large selection - ServerShop24

The reliable operation of mission critical applications requires a well-maintained IT infrastructure. The server chassis also make a significant contribution to high reliability and consistent system performance. Used and carefully tested front bezels, rack ears and air baffles from our online shop provide you with a sustainable and often ideal alternative to new products to meet your requirements at an excellent price-performance ratio and good availability. You will find a large selection of spare parts for many server models from different generations and renowned manufacturers in our range, which you can receive with short delivery times due to fast shipping from our stock.
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