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The network: A key factor for the success of your business

The demands on network performance are very individual, depending on the business area and size of a company. In most cases, the IT infrastructure consists of both central points such as servers and storage systems and client devices such as computers and notebooks. The network enables the shared use of applications and data, provides internet access as well as printing services and central data backup. Access to company data and applications must also be guaranteed for branch offices, subsidiaries and sales representatives or employees in home offices.

This makes high-performance network technology essential for companies of all sizes to improve their business processes and increase productivity. Through fast and secure data exchange, decisions can be made faster and projects can be completed in less time. A stable and secure network is the base for achieving the company's goals and for dealing with daily challenges. It also offers opportunities to introduce modern technologies and new applications, which can contribute to higher customer satisfaction and increased turnover.

The most important network components and their functions

To enable smooth and secure data transmission as well as the networking of staff and devices, the network consists of various components. Each part of the network equipment has its own function.

  • Switches

Switches ensure that data is transmitted reliably within the network. They make it possible to connect servers, storage and clients with each other and therefore enable fast communication between the devices. There are various types of network switches, which differ in performance, functionality and areas of application.

One of the most common types of switches are the unmanaged switches. These are easy to use and are often used in small networks. They allow multiple devices to be connected, but do not offer advanced management features.

In contrast, managed switches offer more extensive administration options and allow the IT administrator to configure and monitor network settings. This type of switch is suitable for larger networks and businesses that require more control and advanced security features.

Another type of switch is the stackable switch, which allows multiple switches to be combined into a single, scalable switch. This enables higher performance and better management of large networks. If devices such as IP telephones, surveillance cameras or WLAN access points need to be supplied with power via the network cable, the use of POE switches (Power over Ethernet) is a suitable option.

  • Routers

A router connects several networks with each other by forwarding the data packets. In this way, data traffic reaches the correct address in the network. In addition, routers enable the company network to be connected to the Internet. The main function of a router is to receive data packets, process them and forward them to the right destination. This is done with the help of routing tables that are stored in the device and determine the best route for the data. A router is often used in combination with other network devices such as switches and access points to build a capable and secure network infrastructure.

  • Firewalls

Firewalls are an important part of IT security and the first line of defense against external attacks. They filter incoming connections and block unwanted access to protect the network from hacker attacks. A firewall controls incoming as well as outgoing data traffic and decides whether a data packet is allowed or rejected. This is done with the help of rules and policies set by an administrator. A firewall can be implemented in different ways. Either as a hardware firewall that is integrated into the network as a physical device or as a software firewall that is installed on a server. Routers often also offer integrated firewall functions.

The field of network equipment also includes other devices and accessories. Rack consoles, for example, are compact units that enable direct control of individual servers in the server cabinet or rack. A KVM switch is also often used here, with which the operation of several systems is possible via a single monitor with mouse and keyboard. The connections for display and operation are switched over to ensure space-saving on-site administration of several servers. Flexible adaptation to different data transmission standards can be achieved with transceiver modules. These are interface converters for network devices that can convert electrical and optical signals and support both Ethernet and Fibre Channel technology.

Modern network equipment protects your business data from attacks

Both in the private sector and in companies, network equipment plays a decisive role in the security of data. Switches, routers and firewalls are the most important components of a capable network infrastructure. By using these devices, it can be ensured that sensitive company data is protected within the network and external attacks are blocked.

If companies neglect their IT infrastructure, they run the risk of becoming victims of hacker attacks and data theft. It is therefore enormously important that systems are regularly maintained and updated. This ensures that mission-critical business data is protected against threats at all times.

  • The human security gap in the network: social hacking

With the right hardware, technical security gaps are closed, but hackers can still gain access to sensitive company data through human vulnerabilities. That is why it is not enough to rely on technology alone. In the case of social hacking, also known as social engineering, fraudsters cleverly obtain information from the staff. The cybercriminals manipulate employees in order to obtain access data or passwords. 

To do this, the attackers try to scare employees, ask them for help or a favour, or lure them with promises. By deceiving trust and using perfidious tricks such as the "CEO Fraud", valuable company data becomes easy prey for the hackers. Here, the employee receives an e-mail from a supposed supervisor asking for access data, passwords or other internal information. Only in the rarest cases will employees resist this and therefore send the data to unauthorised persons. The consequences are usually serious. With access to the network, attackers can, for example, encrypt all the company's data and try to extort horrendous amounts of money.

In addition to updating and checking the network technology, it is therefore particularly important to increase employees' awareness of potential dangers and the techniques used. If everyone involved is aware of small anomalies, such as changes in the spelling of names and email addresses, the risk of data theft is significantly reduced.

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