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Storage systems - reliable central storage solutions for your data

Storage systems play a key role in companies with high data volumes and in data centres. With central storage solutions, data can be managed effectively and made available with high accessibility. At the same time, comprehensive security functions such as encryption, authentication and defined access control meet the high demands of sensitive business areas. For example, customer and patient information is protected from unauthorised access and is only accessible to the authorised users.

Depending on the model and configuration, storage systems hold a large number of disks. Depending on the application, both HDD hard drives with high storage capacity and SSD drives with particularly high access speeds can be used here. The redundant configuration ensures that business-critical data is protected against loss and available at all times, even if individual drives fail. If the requirements for data storage increase due to growing business areas, storage systems with their scalability offer versatile possibilities for flexible adaptation to new conditions.

For permanent archiving of important datasets or for regular data backup, storage systems often also enable the integration of tape drives. With such a backup system, the information is written to magnetic tapes, which are characterised by their high storage capacity. Compared to hard disks, these tapes are also more resistant to shocks and external influences. Therefore, large amounts of data can be stored permanently and securely if this is required, for example, by legal regulations.

Storage systems - Versatile scalability through expansion units

Storage systems are often the ideal solution for existing and expanded IT infrastructures. They combine all relevant components in a 19" chassis that can be installed efficiently and space saving in the server rack. In addition to the disks for the required storage space, all other important components are also included here.

  • Storage controller

The integrated storage controllers manage all installed hard drives. This component controls all read and write access, organises the array of disks and therefore ensures that all data is stored securely even in the case of a disk failure. Like hard disks, RAID controllers are often redundant, which further increases the reliability of the storage system. The range of functions and the connection of the drives can vary depending on the model.

  • Network interface

To integrate storage systems into the existing network infrastructure, they are equipped with the required network cards. Depending on the model and configuration as well as the necessary transmission speed, different protocols are used. The widely used Ethernet standard is appropriate for many applications, but for higher data transmission requirements, the Fibre Channel protocol can also be used. For this purpose, optional transceivers as interface converters enable both electrical and optical signals to be processed.

A high level of failure safety is also an important factor. For this purpose, storage systems feature performant chassis fans to cool all components properly in continuous operation. The power supply of the systems is often realised with redundant power supply units, which ensures the reliable provision and availability of data even in the event of a power supply unit failure.

If the storage capacity of a storage system is no longer sufficient due to increased data volumes, expansion units can be added. These enclosures, also known as shelves, offer room for additional disks. By connecting them to the storage system, the available storage space can be increased flexibly, whereby the expansion can be configured as its own drive array or as part of an existing RAID system.

What type of storage systems are appropriate for the different application areas?

For use in data centres and companies of various sizes, storage systems are classified into three types, each of which offers different advantages in its ideal environment. When selecting suitable storage solutions, it is therefore essential to check the requirements of your own application in order to achieve an optimal price-performance ratio of the data storage.

  • Direct Attached Storage - DAS

A Direct Attached Storage system is a cost-effective solution that can be connected to a server, for example. A DAS system usually features a chassis with several hard disks that is connected directly to the host. Since no additional network settings need to be adjusted here, the configuration is very simple. The direct connection also enables high transfer speeds and low latencies, which benefits applications for processing large amounts of data in particular. Because no additional network components are included, the costs for acquisition and maintenance are mostly lower compared to other storage systems. This often makes direct attached storage ideal for smaller environments where simple data storage and high transfer performance are the main focus.

  • Network Attached Storage - NAS

If data needs to be accessible to several users and devices, NAS systems are often an optimal solution. In addition to the disks, the enclosures also include the necessary network interfaces to be flexibly integrated in almost any environment. Therefore, all devices in the network can access the network attached storage regardless of their location. This enables high availability and easy access for all connected users to share and exchange data. The possible transmission speed depends on the performance of the existing network equipment.

  • Storage Area Network - SAN

SAN is a dedicated network designed for fast access to storage resources. Storage systems in this area offer significantly higher performance as they use the Fibre Channel protocol and the network is not additionally used for other purposes. Because SAN represents a separate infrastructure of storage, switches and management software, the storage can be optimally configured and, in addition to the best possible availability and performance, also offers a high level of failure safety. This is particularly beneficial for data centres and environments where large amounts of data have to be stored and accessed very fast.

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