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Refurbished HPE Servers

Are you looking for HP servers with individual configuration and fast delivery? Try refurbished servers. Why? You can compare them with used cars — the trend there has already proven itself. The main reason for this is of course the low price, and this is exactly the same with used server hardware.

In our online shop for servers and server parts, we offer a wide range of first-class brands at favourable conditions. All servers are tested, refurbished and in good quality.

So, why should you buy used HP servers? Used HPE servers and HPE storage is much cheaper than new products — that’s clear. Many companies also prefer “2nd hand servers” because the depreciation of new goods is much higher than the one of used devices. And of course: the environmental aspect is also an essential factor. If a firm needs to upgrade their internal IT hardware frequently and quickly, they’re counting on refurbished products because they have better availability than new ones. If a server has an HDD failure or needs more memory, spare parts can usually be obtained quickly and easily.

Because of this reason, you also have the advantage that you can configure your HP ProLiant server exactly according to your requirements — without long waiting times. In our shop, you can build your server directly online with our “upgrade tool”.


Configure your HP server — with our online configuration tool

You have probably already discovered that we do not only offer the servers as a preconfigured standard device. With our online tool, you can configure your server exactly according to your specifications. The button “upgrades” is shown on every item that can be configured to your needs.

Our current bestsellers of HP servers: the DL380 Gen8 and the successor model DL380 Gen9 — which construction can be compared to a DELL PowerEdge R730. Furthermore, the latest HPE server model, the ProLiant Generation 10, is already available in our shop. The top seller of the Gen10 series is also protected in the DL380 line: the DL380 Gen10.


Hewlett Packard — the world leader in server hardware 

You wonder why HPE servers are so popular? Or if HP servers fit with your company? The HPE ProLiant server family is one of the current market leaders in the x86 server industry. Companies — no matter if small businesses or large ones with several data centres — prefer this highly secure industry standard servers. 

The reasons for this are: 
HPE servers are easy to administer and maintenance 
They are fail-safe with low-risk but great availability
The performance of these servers is high and energy efficiency is good 
These servers are optimally scalable exactly according to your needs
Servers from HP have a high flexibility and stability 
These are powerful and ultra-dense servers, which can also be used in a data centre and for critical business applications (like virtualization, database management or high-performance computing / HPC) 


Which HPE server models do we have on stock? 

You can find a wide range of cheap used HP servers in our shop. Here is an overview of the models and their benefits: 

DL series
One of the best-selling servers in the world comes from the HP DL (Density Line) series: the HP DL380. The rack-based servers offer security, performance, reliability, expandability,  and virtualization. They can be used in a variety of ways and include “entry-level” to high-performance devices. An expansion or optimization of the IT landscape (p. e. when the company grows) is always guaranteed. 
Series with numbers 100, 200 or 300 involve single- or dual-socket systems. They have a height of 1U or 2U. You can find quad-socket-systems and heights from 2-4U in the 500 series. Even multi-socket-systems with up to eight CPUs exist: like the 700 and 900 series. 
            Find the HP DL servers here 

ML series
Machines of the ProLiant ML (Modular Line) series are mainly tower servers. They are known for high performance, optimization, and scalability by low costs. These servers work well for small and medium-sized enterprises or branch offices / subsidiaries.
Most of the HP systems have installed Intel processors — but there are also AMD-based servers. You can identify the CPU manufacturer on the end of a model: 0 at the end means Intel, 5 is AMD (for example an ML580 or ML585).
            Find the HP ML servers here

Ultimate power in an ultra-small system — these are the HPE MicroServers. These mini-servers (because of their shape also named “cube servers”) are perfect for single companies, home offices or small branch offices. These high-performance machines are available at very affordable prices. Compared to their “bigger siblings” they’re demanded not only because of their small size but also because of their quiet operation.
            Find the HP MicroServers here 

BL series
Ideally suited when you need high-performance server technology in a small space. The BL (Blade Line) series servers are rack-based systems (blade systems), that contain one or more BladeEnclosures and several server-blades. This line is primarily suited for companies whose IT infrastructure requires constant optimization or when their applications and requests have to be processed rapidly. It’s possible to reduce costs while increasing the performance at the same time because you not only have a top overview of p. e. power consumption but also data storage and cooling. They also offer an elementary management, which reduces the time that is normally asked to manage the systems.
            Find the HP BL servers here

Apollo series
Excellent processing power for demanding applications in the HPC (high-performance computing) area. The HPE Apollo line is well-packed in a compact, rack-mountable server chassis and reaches top positions in performance and energy efficiency. The servers have installed Intel or AMD CPUs and can be used for database analyses or for Java applications.
            Find the HP Apollo series here 

Other HP servers
Besides the already named lines, HP also has a few special series, which are conceptualized for specific applications. For example, the HP Cloudline series, which is suitable for service providers. The open and inexpensive systems offer flexibility and quickness. Just as agile in use and reliable are servers of the HPE Superdome Flex series. They can be scaled seamlessly and are suitable for companies of all sizes. 
           Find other HP servers here

How can I find the perfect HP server model?
Check out your IT environment: is there a server landscape with several racks, where you can build in HP ProLiant rack servers? Or do you need a system directly on the location — but a rack cabinet is too big? Maybe a tower server might be the ideal solution for you. If a tower seems to be fine, but too loud for the office: there are special office servers which are convincing because of their compact size and their quiet operation.


Refurbished servers from HP exactly for your demand

If you’re looking for a refurbished server for your network, there is another important point: which stage of expansion is required? 

HP Enterprise machines have a configuration-related division into different performance classes. A DL380 Gen9, for example can be divided into different levels, these are following: 

Entry Level
Here, you’re right if you need a used HP ProLiant server for your home network or a small business. Servers with the expansion stage “Entry Level” are intended for smaller IT environments — so-called “starter models”. They’re characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio and are easy to handle. You can store your significant data centrally so that all employees can access it. Demands on this device are usually low-rated, but a 24-hour operation is possible. 

Base Model 
Compared to the “entry level” servers, the machines with the expansion stage “base” are much more powerful. They are specific to the customer’s needs and satisfied by their top performance and availability. More memory, a better CPU, hot-pluggable hard drives and redundant power supplies? Everything is possible. When your company grows, these servers grow with you.

Performance Server
HPE servers from the “performance” class are the ultimate high-end devices. Their main features are: maximum efficiency, outstanding performance, energy efficiency, reliability, and optimal availability. Some components can be changed during operation without any interruptions. With these high secure servers, it’s possible to advance your business economically and effectively. 


Benefits if you buy HP servers over ServerShop24

We’re convinced of our quality and would like to persuade you for used servers. Maybe you’re questioning our extremely low prices. Those are possible because we buy the devices in large quantities (e.g., from data centres or as leasing returns).

Our delivery speed speaks for itself. In case of an emergency (for example, a server failure or hardware defect), you can quickly and safely obtain your new HP server or your HP spare part from us - same day if needed.

For any requests, you can ask our support team, of course. Good guidance is important for us because you should be 100% satisfied. Inquiries by email or contact form are answered by our employees within a few hours.

And also necessary for us is that you feel safe: That’s why, we offer Hardware Care Packs between 12, 24 or 36 months. For certain models (e.g., Gen9 and Gen10) also up to 60 months. Should one of your servers have any hardware failures, our service partner will take care of the problem — quickly, easily and professionally.

You can find our Hardware Care Packs for HPE servers and all information of this here: 
Hardware Care Packs for HP servers


Sustainability — not just a great side effect

For companies, their ecological balance gets more and more important. The topics “sustainability” and “environmental protection” are on everyone’s lips — rightly, as we think. As with many other products, the manufacturing and disposal of computer and IT products is the greatest pollution on the environment. Resources must be saved and CO₂ emissions reduced.

The life span of servers are designed for long-term operation and permanent use. Unlike notebooks, PCs or smartphones, servers have no “fads” — only functionality and the current state of the technology is critical. Whereby — differently than supposed — the latter is still relatively up-to-date and common after 3 or 6 years. It’s because the performance of servers has been increasing significantly faster than the requirements of digitized companies in the past.

So, when you purchase used server hardware, you’re not only protecting your IT budget but also the environment. With professionally reconditioned devices, you’re on the safe side and your decision for “used” is an ecological important contribution.