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Dell PowerEdge T-Series Tower Servers - Compact Solutions for your Business

Performant and reliable server solutions are also required outside of complex infrastructures and classic data centres. Dell PowerEdge T-Series tower servers offer a variety of options for small and medium-sized businesses to efficiently meet the increasing demands of growing companies. With a compact form factor and quiet operation, the systems are designed for office environments and, in addition to compatibility with various operating systems, offer versatile expansion potential to meet the demands of a wide range of applications.

Depending on the model and configuration, the servers are available in different sizes and performance levels. Compact mini towers can be discretely integrated into almost any environment and, with a single processor socket, provide sufficient performance for most common office workloads such as file management and database applications. For more demanding applications, however, the larger models provide significantly more processing power with up to two processors and can be used for more complex workloads and virtualisation. The chassis with five height units also often allow installation in racks through optionally available rails, and can therefore be used flexibly in growing structures.

With all models you benefit from the performance of modern Intel processors, which are used in Celeron, Pentium and Xeon variants depending on the performance level of the systems. With the support of ECC main memory (Error Checking and Correction), reliability is also increased for memory-intensive applications by reducing the risk of memory errors through the proven error correction procedure of the RAM modules.

Simplify IT management with Dell PowerEdge T-Series Tower Servers

To manage your systems, the tower servers provide several tools and solutions that contribute to a high level of security. With iDRAC (Dell Integrated Remote Access Controller), you get easy access to configure your servers through the controller integrated on the mainboard. Even when powered off, basic functions are available here, which can facilitate setup before deployment, for example. For remote access, you can use the iDRAC remote port, and on-site administration is simplified by the USB service port, which provides access via mobile devices. The OpenManage Suite with additional software offers an extended range of functions for monitoring and managing your servers. Depending on the licence level you purchased, you benefit from extensive options and features for high security and reliability.

Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers with versatile expansion options to meet your requirements

Depending on the model, the systems offer various configuration options to allow optimal adaptation to your application. All variants are equipped with high-quality components, which can often be individually configured to your requirements depending on the required performance level. The larger chassis, for example, allow the installation of redundant power supply units, which, with an output of up to 2400 watts and high efficiency due to 80Plus Platinum certification, provide even the most powerful configurations with a stable power supply. In addition to high-performance processors for high CPU performance, you can also install several powerful graphic cards (GPUs) in PCIe slots (PCI Express) to accelerate your workloads and benefit from a high level of failure safety due to two high-quality hot-plug power supply units.

The expansion potential also allows you to adapt the connectivity to your network environment. In addition to the Gigabit LAN ports integrated on the mainboard, you can achieve compatibility with other network standards and bandwidths by using optional PCIe network cards for optimal integration into your network infrastructure.
Depending on the model, you can implement various drive configurations to provide the storage capacity required for your application. For example, you have the option of using hard disks in 2.5" SFF or 3.5" LFF format in appropriate bays. Often you can also benefit from the low latencies and high transfer rates of fast NVMe SSDs (Non-Volatile Memory Express) and therefore have a wide range of options to provide the required mass storage.
Depending on the configuration of the server, various options are available for connecting and managing the drives. The integrated storage controller enables the hard disks to be managed as software RAID, optionally available RAID controllers with extended functionality additionally support the setup as hardware RAID. This gives you extensive possibilities for adapting the systems to the requirements of your application in the area of storage management as well.

The operating system can also be installed independently of the storage controller you are using. For this purpose, the Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers are optionally equipped with the Boot Optimized Storage Subsystem (BOSS). This is a PCIe adapter card that is equipped with compatible SATA SSDs in two M.2 slots and manages these compact drives as hardware RAID. This allows you to install the operating system separately from the rest of your server's mass storage configuration, and therefore benefit from increased flexibility and failure safety.

Performance and Sustainability - Refurbished Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers affordably available at ServerShop24

Optimising IT systems of growing companies can be a challenge due to the usually high price level of new hardware and a limited budget. Here you have an often ideal option with high-quality and tested second-hand products to get the required performance and scalability for your application while saving both your budget and the world's raw material resources. Second-hand server solutions often provide sufficient computing power for many workloads, even after several years, and allow you to adapt them to your application through a variety of expansion options with various components. You will find an extensive selection of pre-configured Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers in our online shop to adapt your infrastructure to the requirements of your company with affordable entry-level systems or high-performance models. With over 10 years of experience, we are your competent and reliable partner for professionally refurbished second-hand servers, storage solutions and network equipment. You benefit from fast processing of your order and shipping from our large stock to receive the carefully checked systems with the shortest possible delivery times. Questions about products and your order will be handled by our friendly and experienced support team, contact us - we will take care of your request!

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