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High Storage Capacity and reliable Performance - SAS Hard Disks

When it comes to storing and managing large amounts of data, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) hard drives are often the ideal way to cost-effectively expand the storage capacity of today's systems. They meet the needs of many applications with high performance and reliability.

Because speed can be a critical factor in addition to the capacity of data storage, SAS hard disk drives (HDDs) are available in different standards that differ in the achievable transfer speed. For example, 6G models can transfer data at 6Gbit/s, while 12G models can achieve up to 12Gbit/s. A higher transfer rate means higher performance and efficiency as data volumes increase.

Selecting compatible SAS Hard Disks for your Servers

When selecting SAS drives, compatibility with existing servers is crucial. Both the RAID controller and the hard drive backplane must support the appropriate data transfer standard for the use of 6G and 12G SAS hard drives in order to maximise the available transfer bandwidth. So, if the application benefits from the higher speed of the 12G standard, it is important to check that the existing hardware meets all the necessary requirements before increasing storage capacity.

Another important consideration is form factor. SAS drives are available in both 2.5" small form factor (SFF) and the larger 3.5" large form factor (LFF). The different formats each require specific trays for installation in the server, and the system must have suitable drive cages to accommodate the hard drives of the desired size. The main differences between the models are in terms of storage capacity and space requirements. LFF drives offer more storage space due to their size, but often significantly fewer drives can be installed compared to SFF disks.
In addition, the drives often differ in their rotational speed. Models marked 10K can reach up to 10.000 revolutions per minute and therefore offer faster access speeds for reading and writing data than hard drives that reach a maximum of 7.200 revolutions per minute and are marked 7.2K.

Used SAS Hard Disks at affordable prices - ServerShop24

The integration of used servers to adapt to growing requirements has been proven in many businesses of all sizes. To increase the storage capacity of your systems, you can also benefit from the excellent price-performance ratio of refurbished hardware with used and carefully tested hard drives. Used SAS hard drives offer comparable performance to new products, but are significantly cheaper and therefore easier on your budget.
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