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Optimised connectivity for your servers - Gigabit RJ45 network cards

Network cards are essential components in servers and storage systems. They are critical for communication between network devices, providing the physical interface to the network environment and allowing data packets to be sent and received. The RJ45 connector is a widely used and proven standard that can be reliably used in infrastructures of any size.

Advantages compared to 10G network equipment

With transmission speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s, 1G RJ45 network adapters are often a more than adequate and cost-effective solution for many applications. They offer robust and proven technology with low power consumption and place fewer demands on the network infrastructure. This can be particularly important for small to medium sized businesses, where 10G network cards, for example, offer higher transfer rates but require the use of more costly switches.
As such, low-cost Gigabit network adapters are typically ideal for a variety of server applications and are a good choice for environments that benefit from stable and reliable connectivity, but do not necessarily require the high speeds of 10G network cards.

Single and multi-port network cards for different requirements

Depending on the network connectivity requirements of the server, network cards are available in single-port and multi-port models. Single-port cards provide one RJ45 connection, while multi-port cards provide multiple independent network connections from a single network card. This allows for a higher level of fail-safety, which can be a key benefit for mission-critical server systems.

In addition, RJ45 network cards are available in different form factors to ensure compatibility with a range of server models. High-profile network cards are suitable for larger 2U or 4U server chassis, while low-profile models can also be installed in slim 1U servers as they only require half-height expansion slots.

Installation of RJ45 network cards is simple and straightforward with plug & play technology. PCI Express (PCIe) slots on the motherboard or a riser card can often be used for installation. Alternatively, depending on the server model, a manufacturer-specific slot may be available. After installation, the network adapters are automatically detected and configured by the operating system for quick setup, so that the specific settings for the existing network environment can then be made manually.

Refurbished 1G RJ45 network adapters available in large selection - ServerShop24

To expand your Gigabit network environment, used and carefully tested RJ45 network cards from our online shop can often be a cost-effective and quickly available alternative to new hardware. Used network adapters usually offer the same performance and reliability, but are significantly cheaper. In addition, the reuse of fully functional components prevents a significant amount of electronic waste from being generated every day. Fast shipping from our warehouse means short delivery times, so you can get urgently needed spare parts without long waiting times.
Since 2010, we are your reliable partner for professionally refurbished used servers, storage systems and network equipment. In addition to pre-configured servers from well-known brands that are ready for immediate shipment, our extensive range also includes the right spare parts and components for customising your systems. If you have any questions about our products or your order, please contact our experienced and friendly support team. Contact us - we will take care of your request!

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