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Software licences for your servers

To run server systems for your applications and data, you first need basic licences to operate the devices. The operating system is the platform for installing a wide range of software solutions and for managing users.

When servers are deployed in complex environments with high demands and a large number of users and applications, the topic of virtualisation is also crucial. The advantage here is the provision of multiple virtual servers (VMs) on a single physical system. This can save on hardware and energy costs and makes more efficient use of available resources.

The right operating systems for different requirements

Depending on the complexity of the infrastructure and the number of users, different operating systems can be used, with varying levels of functionality in different versions. In addition to Linux-based solutions, Microsoft Windows Server is a popular operating system for server environments. In order to use Windows Server, you must purchase a valid licence for the respective version. It is important to note that depending on the server hardware used, only certain versions of the operating system may be supported:

Within these versions, Microsoft Windows Server is also available in several editions that differ in their feature set and are therefore suitable for use in different environments:

  • Essentials Edition

The Essentials Edition is a simplified version of Windows Server for use in small businesses.

  • Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of Windows Server provides an advanced set of features for more demanding businesses.

  • DataCenter Edition

The DataCenter Edition of Windows Server is designed for use in data centres and complex infrastructures with the highest demands.

In addition to the operating system licence, most editions require access licences for your employees to access the server. Client Access Licences (CALs) are available for both users and devices:

  • User CALs

A User-CAL allows a specific user account to access Windows Server.

  • Device CALs

A Device-CAL allows a specific client device to access Windows Server, regardless of who is using it.

  • RDS CALs

An RDS-CAL enables remote access to Windows Server using Remote Desktop Service.

Efficient server utilisation through virtualisation

In complex environments with a large number of applications, it is often not ideal to deploy separate servers for each purpose. Maintenance and administration is high, system utilisation is often sub-optimal and each additional server increases power consumption. Virtualisation platforms enable efficient server utilisation by running and easily managing multiple virtual machines for different purposes on a single physical device. The available resources of the system can be allocated to the VMs as needed, optimising server utilisation and providing flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.

Popular virtualisation platforms are offered by Proxmox, which can be used for a pre-defined period of time with the appropriate licences. The level of service provided varies according to the level of licence purchased, which impacts, among other things, the number of processors supported by the licence and the support features.

  • Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE)

By supporting two virtualisation technologies, the platform offers high flexibility with KVM and container-based virtualisation. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between different licence levels such as Basic and Standard.

  • Proxmox Backup Server (BS)

As a professional backup solution, Proxmox Backup Server enables backup and recovery of virtual machines and offers high data security through encryption technology. Again, you can choose between different licence levels depending on your requirements.

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