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Spare parts and accessories to optimise individual server configurations

Servers are the backbone of modern IT infrastructures, enabling the provisioning and management of data, applications and network services in businesses of all sizes. The requirements on these systems vary depending on the application, often requiring individual hardware configurations and later modifications to the original configuration. With the right accessories and spare parts for rack and tower servers, the performance, reliability and durability of the systems can be optimised and adapted to the specific requirements of the application. The range of accessories available is extensive, allowing even highly specialised solutions to be implemented.

Blank covers protect against dust and damage

Depending on the model, server chassis offer various options for expanding the systems with additional components. However, if the server's application does not require all the expansion options, this can cause problems without the appropriate accessories. Blank covers are designed to fit into unused bays and slots of the server chassis to close them off.

Blank covers for 2.5" SFF (Small Form Factor) and 3.5" LFF (Large Form Factor) hard drive bays prevent dust from entering the server chassis when not all available bays are equipped with drives. They also protect the backplane board connectors and support the intended airflow. As a server's drive configuration changes, the blank covers can be easily replaced or added as additional hard disks are installed or removed. If entire drive cages are not used temporarily, panels are often available to close all the bays at once.

The same applies to other slots, ports and bays for server expansion. Suitable covers protect sensitive contacts and connectors, while avoiding unnecessary openings in the chassis. Blank covers are available for different areas that are not fully equipped with components:

TPM modules increase the security level of servers

Protection against digital threats and attacks and a high level of server security are more important than ever. Many motherboards can be equipped with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), a special chip technology that provides hardware-based security functions to protect sensitive information. The TPM is used for encryption and signature creation, which can help protect the server's operating system. By checking the boot process, unauthorised changes can be detected to prevent the system from booting in the event of manipulations and potential threats. Depending on the model and generation of a server, TPM modules are available in a range of supported versions and form factors to enable quick replacement in the event of a failure or to upgrade to higher security requirements.

Refurbished spare parts and accessories at affordable prices - ServerShop24

Customised hardware configurations and regular maintenance through the use of appropriate spare parts contribute to servers meeting the requirements of the area of application efficiently and reliably. With a large selection of used and carefully checked accessories for many server models, our online shop offers you an ideal and sustainable opportunity to benefit from both an excellent price-performance ratio and fast availability.
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