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Lenovo servers - versatile solutions for a reliable IT infrastructure

Professional server systems for the most diverse requirements and environments are offered by various well-known manufacturers, including Lenovo. The various model series of ThinkSystem servers are characterised by their reliability and performance, and are designed in suitable form factors for implementation in almost any environment.

ThinkSystem rack servers, for example, are suitable for handling demanding workloads of large companies as well as for increasing requirements of growing small and medium-sized businesses with a variety of models and configuration options. The scalable solutions for existing IT infrastructures support powerful Intel or AMD processors and therefore offer sufficient computing performance for virtualisation and databases, depending on the selected configuration.

If, on the other hand, compact servers are required for the use in office environments or branch offices, ThinkSystem tower servers often bring with them the ideal prerequisites for these areas of application. Inexpensive entry-level models already deliver sufficient performance and storage capacity for less complex workloads and services. However, in order to meet higher requirements, significantly higher-performance model variants are also available, which, for example, feature more DIMM slots for equipping with main memory and can offer higher storage capacities with a larger amount of bays for hard disks. Thanks to their space-saving form factor and low-noise operation, the tower chassis can be used in a variety of environments, even if there is no extensive IT infrastructure in place.

For complex environments such as data centres that benefit from high performance density and scalability to adapt to changing requirements, Flex System Blade servers are ideal. The blade enclosures provide the flexibility to add ThinkSystem compute nodes to efficiently expand and deliver the computing performance required. However, if storage capacity needs to be increased instead, this can be achieved with storage expansion nodes, which can also be installed in the Flex System enclosure to save space. To adapt the connectivity required for the application area, the installed blade servers can be equipped with various mezzanine network adapters, and the blade enclosures also support various switch modules for the Ethernet, Fibre Channel and Infiniband network standards.

Lenovo servers for applications with special requirements

When selecting suitable server solutions for business-critical applications, reliability and availability are decisive factors in addition to high performance. The ThinkSystem Mission-Critical servers offer the necessary properties and features to grow with the company through extensive expansion options. PCI Express (PCIe) slots, for example, enable the installation of graphic cards for computing acceleration, and various optional RAID controllers manage both HDD and SSD drives as well as NVMe SSDs. Other special applications such as high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) also have specific requirements for server systems. For these areas, ThinkSystem high-density servers with powerful CPUs and graphics processors (GPUs) deliver the required performance in the smallest space, therefore enabling a high performance density. For applications at the network edge, on the other hand, the specially designed ThinkSystem edge servers are particularly suitable, for example to optimise data traffic between local devices and cloud services.

Refurbished Lenovo servers offer benefits for the environment and budget - ServerShop24

With the economic success and growth of companies, the demands on the existing IT infrastructure often increase due to new challenges. Used and carefully tested Lenovo servers can be both a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to often expensive new hardware. The excellent price-performance ratio saves you money, and the continued use of the still powerful systems contributes to a sustainable treatment of the world's scarce raw material resources. With over 10 years of experience, we are your competent partner for professionally refurbished used servers, storage solutions and network equipment. In addition to systems from well-known manufacturers that are ready for immediate shipping, you will also find the right accessories, spare parts and components for individual configurations in our extensive range. The fast shipping from our large warehouse enables short delivery times, so you can implement expansions and optimisations of your IT infrastructure with used hardware quickly and cost-effectively. If you require any further assistance about products, configuration options or your order, our experienced and friendly support team will assist you. Contact us - we will take care of your request.