Power supply

Replacement power supplies for older generation servers

The stability of the power supply is one of the most important factors in ensuring reliable continuous operation of servers. Power supplies are subject to high loads and the risk of power supply failure increases with the number of operating hours. Especially when operating older servers, suitable spare parts are essential to prevent server downtime and to carry out necessary repairs quickly. However, finding compatible components can be difficult when new parts are hard to come by and used power supplies are becoming increasingly scarce.

Depending on the model, servers from the various manufacturers differ in terms of their power supply options. Entry-level servers often feature a single power supply unit that is permanently installed in the chassis and connected with the appropriate cabling. With increasing performance and larger chassis, the devices usually offer support for redundant, meaning multiple, power supplies. The connection is made via a backplane board, which is installed in the chassis and provides slots with electrical contacts. This allows the appropriate power supplies to be plugged into the server chassis bays without opening the chassis. Such solutions are also usually hot-swappable, allowing power supplies to be replaced while the server is running. This greatly reduces the risk of server failure. All installed power supplies share the load of the power supply, compensating for the failure of individual units, and there is no need to shut down the server to install a suitable replacement part. This means that the compatibility of the power supply with the server chassis and PSU backplane is critical when selecting spares. If it is necessary to increase the reliability of an entry-level server, redundant power supply kits are often available as optional accessories for these systems, replacing the single module in the base configuration.

It may also be necessary to replace the power supplies when changes are made to the server configuration. Upgrading to more powerful components often increases the power requirements of the systems, which should be taken into account when planning expansions. Server power supplies are available in a range of power levels to provide the most energy efficient power supply for a given configuration.

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Providing important data and services with high availability is not possible without a stable and reliable power supply. For this reason, power supply failures are among the most critical failures in server hardware. To avoid downtime or to resolve server failures as quickly as possible, compatible replacement PSUs are essential, especially for older server systems. Used and carefully tested power supplies for older generation servers from our online shop are often the ideal way to cost-effectively restore power supply redundancy and reduce the risk of costly downtime.
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