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Storage servers and HPC solutions for data-intensive workloads - HPE Apollo Systems

Processing and analysing complex data sets, as well as the growing challenges in the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) fields, require server solutions designed for them. To meet the demands of these applications, the HPE Apollo series offers the appropriate hardware for many priorities. Whether high-density data storage with hundreds of TB capacity, high-performance computing (HPC) servers with multiple powerful GPUs for computing acceleration or a RAM expansion in the TB range, you will find suitable solutions for almost every use case. In addition, the valuable space in the data centre can usually be used efficiently. Despite the extensive configuration and high performance, Apollo systems are often compatible with standard racks and can therefore be integrated into existing environments in a space-saving manner.
For individual adaptation to your application and infrastructure, the servers also offer versatile configuration options. This means that you have various options in the areas of power supply, storage connection and network connectivity to meet your requirements. When managing your servers, you are supported by proven management tools such as HPE iLO (Integrated Lights-Out) and benefit from comprehensive functions for a high security standard. To ensure the required high reliability and failure safety, Apollo systems are adequately cooled by redundant chassis fans for optimal performance deployment. Also, the installation of redundant high-efficiency hot-plug power supplies ensures a stable power supply to the high-performance components and further reduces the risk of system failures.

Performance and Capacity - HPE Apollo 4500 Series

As a flexible and dense storage solution, the HPE Apollo 4500 Series servers combine high data storage capacity and computing power, making them suitable for a wide range of workloads and supporting your business in the digital transformation. The 19" chassis in a 4U form factor are equipped with multiple CPU sockets for high-performance and scalable Intel Xeon processors and DIMM slots for memory via up to three ProLiant XL450 server nodes to save space. The support of Registered DIMMs (RDIMM), Load Reduced DIMMs (LRDIMM) and Persistent Memory Modules gives you a wide range of options for adapting the expansion with main memory to your requirements. In addition, when using HPE Smart Memory, you can benefit from advanced protection against single and multi-bit memory errors through Advanced ECC.

Storage capacity for the operating system is implemented in the server nodes with slots for 2.5" SFF hard disks and M.2 slots for NVMe SSDs (Non-Volatile Memory Express). A dedicated hardware Raid1 solution enables automatic mirroring of the operating system and reduces the risk of system failures due to defective drives. To handle large amounts of unstructured data, the chassis offers space for up to 60 SAS and SATA hard disks in 3.5" LFF format in drive drawers. Depending on the model and configuration of the server, the drives can be managed via various optional Smart Array storage controllers, the range of functions here varying depending on the selected configuration option. For further adaptation to the requirements of your application, up to three PCIe slots (PCI Express) for expansion cards are available in the chassis. In addition, a FlexibleLOM slot can be equipped with compatible network cards to provide the necessary connectivity for integration into your network environment.

High storage density in a compact 2U form factor - HPE Apollo 4200 Systems

If you plan to expand your storage server infrastructure with scalable and cost-efficient solutions, you can benefit from HPE Apollo 4200 series systems with high storage density and a range of other advantages. The chassis in the compact 2U form factor, for example, can be installed in most standard racks. This allows you to integrate storage capacity into your existing environment in a space-saving and versatile manner. Depending on the model, the storage space can be configured with up to 54 hard disks or SSDs (Solid State Drives) in 2.5" SFF format or with up to 28 LFF drives in 3.5" form factor to provide the required capacity for your application. Various Smart Array Storage Controller options support you in optimally managing the hard drives and enable high data transfer rates.

The computing power and memory required for demanding workloads of the servers are handled by two processor sockets with eight DIMM slots each, which can be equipped with powerful Intel Xeon CPUs and DDR4 RAM modules. Depending on the type of memory used, RAM expansion up to the TB range is possible, making the Apollo 4200 systems ideally equipped for memory-intensive applications. The servers also offer expansion potential through several PCIe slots (PCI Express) for graphic cards for computing acceleration, for example, and a FlexibleLOM slot, which allows the installation of various optional network cards for extended connectivity.

ServerShop24 - Refurbished server solutions offer advantages for your budget and the environment

Optimising your server infrastructure with suitable systems can involve high costs and critical delays due to mostly high-priced and increasingly limited availability of new hardware. For this purpose, professionally refurbished servers from our online shop offer you a cost-effective alternative that can often fully meet your requirements. In addition to the advantages for your IT budget, the use of second-hand hardware also conserves global raw material resources and therefore makes a sustainable contribution to environmental protection. We have been your competent and reliable partner for carefully checked second-hand servers, storage solutions and network equipment since 2010. You benefit from the shortest possible delivery times due to our extensive stock of pre-configured systems and the fast dispatch of your order, enabling you to implement your projects both cost-consciously and promptly. Our experienced and friendly support team will assist you with all questions regarding products and your order, contact us - we will take care of your request!