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Refurbished servers for specific software applications can be configured to vendor specifications

To ensure the reliable operation of specific software solutions, compliance with the software vendor's system requirements is a critical factor in the selection of suitable server systems. It is not only important that the servers used support the operating system required by the software, but often also the hardware configuration.
For example, there are often specific requirements for the computing performance available, which, depending on the application, may require processors with many cores, high clock frequencies or models of specific chip generations. Similarly, in the area of main memory, there are often clear specifications on the required memory configuration to enable the software to run smoothly. Depending on the number of users, this may require more memory than the minimum requirements. In addition, the capacity and access speed of the installed hard disks, as well as the performance of the network cards, are often important criteria for optimal application performance.
Therefore, when extending the IT infrastructure to run specific software, it is essential to check the software manufacturer's system requirements in advance, in order to provide the appropriate servers for optimum results.

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When IT systems need to meet the requirements of specific software applications, it is not always necessary to purchase new hardware. Used and carefully tested servers, configured according to the manufacturer's specifications, can often fully meet the system requirements for the efficient and smooth operation of your application. At the same time, these systems, which offer excellent value for money, protect not only your IT budget but also the environment, as the reuse of refurbished hardware supports the sustainable use of natural resources.
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