HPE 300GB 6G 10K SAS (512n) 2.5" SFF Festplatte / Hard Disk with Smart Carrier - 653955-001 / 652564-B21

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  • HPE 300GB 6G 10K SAS (512n) 2.5" SFF Festplatte / Hard Disk with Smart Carrier - 653955-001 / 652564-B21
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Description: HPE 300GB 6G 10K SAS (512n) 2.5" SFF Festplatte / Hard Disk with Smart Carrier - 653955-001 / 652564-B21
Brand name: HPE
Manufacturer model: multi vendor
Capacity: 300 GB
Interface: 6G SAS
Max. transfer rate: 168 MB/s (160 MiB/s)
Rotational speed (rpm): 10K
Cache: 64 MB
Sectors: 512B native (512n)
Recording technology: CMR
Form factor: 2.5" SFF x 15mm
24/7 operation: suitable
Data protection: -
Special feature: -
Carrier type: Smart Carrier (SC) as SFF
Plug type: Hot Plug
Related part number(s):  
Option Kit No.: 652564-B21
Renew Option Kit No.: 652564R-B21
Spares Part No.: 653955-001
GPN No.: 507129-004, 652566-001
Renew Part No.: 597609-001U, 599476-001U, 619286-001U, 641552-001U, 666355-001U, 689287-001U, 693569-001U, 693569-005U, 768788-001U, 781514-003U, 862119-001U, 869714-001U, 872283-001U
Assembly Part No.: 597609-001, 599476-001, 619286-001, 641552-001, 666355-001, 689287-001, 693569-001, 693569-005, 768788-001, 781514-003, 862119-001, 869714-001, 872283-001
Condition: used, very good
Included in delivery: 1x disk with carrier
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Questions about this item?
Device compatibility:


- Smart Carrier (SC) bays

- compatible controller

Compatible with nearly all devices from the following model series:

HP ProLiant Gen8 Series

HPE Apollo Gen9 Series

HPE Apollo Gen10 Series

HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 Plus Series

HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 Plus Series

HPE ProLiant Gen9 Series

HPE ProLiant Gen10 Series

HPE ProLiant Gen10 Plus Series (AMD-based)

HPE D3000 Enclosure Series

HPE Synergy Gen9 Series

HPE Synergy Gen10 Series

HPE Synergy Gen10 Plus Series

HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module

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