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HPE ProLiant DL20 server - Compact and versatile enterprise solutions

The ProLiant DL20 is a very compact 1U 19" rack server from the HPE DL series. The models are often ideal for small and medium businesses that require both space-saving and high-performance server solutions for a wide range of applications. They can be installed in small server racks where space is limited due to their short chassis depth to provide a basic IT infrastructure for offices, branch offices or hospitality environments. In addition to enterprise-class features for high security and reliability, the HPE ProLiant DL20 servers offer a wide range of configuration options to cost-effectively meet the needs of a variety of workloads:

  • File, print and e-mail services
  • Application deployment such as CRM and ERP systems
  • Data backup and archiving
  • Virtualisation of desktop infrastructures and test environments
  • Hosting web applications, online shops, websites and cloud services
  • Video surveillance recording, storage and processing
  • and many other applications

The DL20 Series is a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes and industries. A choice of chassis options supports 3.5" LFF (Large Form Factor) or 2.5" SFF (Small Form Factor) drives, depending on your storage requirements, allowing you to configure hard drives to suit your needs. As with all ProLiant series devices, the small models are available in different generations, which differ mainly in the technical standards of the compatible components.

HPE ProLiant DL20 Gen10 front view




HPE ProLiant DL20 server with extensive expansion options

The processor socket on the motherboard can accommodate a high-performance Intel Xeon CPU (Central Processing Unit), which, combined with memory, provides sufficient processing power and resources for high application performance. As different processor series and memory modules of various DDR RAM (Random Access Memory) standards are supported depending on the server generation, the manufacturer's technical documentation provides important information on compatible components that can be used for upgrading.

Overall, despite its small form factor, an HPE ProLiant DL20 server offers extensive expansion options via PCIe slots (PCI Express) to upgrade the system in areas such as connectivity and storage management. If the integrated network card does not support the required transfer speed for the existing network environment, a suitable model can be installed in the PCIe riser. It is also possible to implement custom drive configurations with an optional RAID controller (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) if the onboard storage controller does not have the required specifications. The DL20 server can also be upgraded with an iLO enablement kit (Integrated Lights-Out) that provides comprehensive remote management capabilities to simplify system administration.

Depending on the configuration, not only the performance but also the power requirements of the systems change. Depending on the model, the compact servers are equipped with a single powerful power supply unit, which can be replaced with an optional redundant PSU kit to increase the failure safety of the units.

HPE ProLiant DL20 Gen10 Plus rear view




ServerShop24 - Protect your budget and the environment with refurbished HPE ProLiant DL20 servers

When it comes to providing the necessary computing power and storage capacity for a wide range of applications in smaller IT infrastructures at low cost, used and carefully tested HPE ProLiant DL20 servers often offer the ideal qualities. With an excellent price-performance ratio, the used servers from our online shop are not only easy on your budget, but also on the environment. In many cases, the continued use of powerful refurbished hardware is a sustainable alternative to expensive new equipment in order to fully meet most of the requirements of modern IT environments.
Since 2010, we are your reliable partner for professionally refurbished used servers, workstations, storage systems and network equipment. Our extensive range includes systems from leading manufacturers, which can be purchased as pre-configured models or customised to meet your specific application requirements. Fast shipping from our large stock enables short delivery times. This means you can get urgently needed equipment and spare parts without long waiting times. If you have any questions about products or your order, contact us and and our experienced and friendly support team will take care of your request.

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